KotH: Pre-season Ep 1. Winner: Yoda Partisan *2

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King of the Hill: Destiny Council 47

This one of the decks used by this week's King, our first ever king in fact!

Check out the gameplay video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=919Hc5LBrfY&feature=youtu.be

Learn more about the series here: https://destinycouncil.com/king-of-the-hill/

King of the Hill is a series open to the public. Each series will feature 2 challengers who face off for the right to face the reigning King. If you want to compete for various prizes, click the link above to learn more about how to participate!

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Big_Campy 372

I am a big fan of Mill decks, so I loved watching this deck do some work. I think Launch Deck - Home One would be an interesting choice of BF for this deck. Especially if you Into The Garbage Chute one of the Jedha Partisan give you a more consistent chance at still taking 2 off the top. Anyhow great content keep it up!