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The Destiny Council 2702

This is the deck that Luke piloted to the Top 16 at Worlds. Brian and Will piloted similar lists (1-2 card differences) to 7-2 and 6-3, respectively. The list is fairly similar to previous iterations seen elsewhere, with the main change being Frozen Wastes. Look for a tournament report in the near future, where we will talk about why we chose the deck and some of the tech choices, including Frozen Wastes.

Luke's Tournament run down:

Day 1C:

eObi/eMaz (Will) - W

eBoba/eSister - W

eRey/eAayla - W

eYoda/eJarJar/Rose - W

eSabine/eEzra - W

eYoda/eHondo - W

Day 2:

eYoda/eHondo - W

eKylo/eAnakin - W

eSabine/eEzra - L

Top 16:

eSabine/eEzra - L (0-2)


5P33D 75

How do you beat Yoda/Hondo? Do you pay off Hondo every time?

The Destiny Council 2702

@5P33D One of the main reasons we played the deck is that it crushes Yoda/Hondo (~85% win rate in our testing). Maz's Vault can make it really easy to pay Hondo off, and Obi/Maz is actually faster than Yoda/Hondo, making Frozen Wastes brutal for them in this matchup - one Hondo special a turn is pretty easy to deal with.

drbearsec 1

I watched Luke's Day 2 Hondo Yoda match live and it does crush. This is a nasty deck.

Goopies 134

I feel like alter is just better than concentrate right? Yeah conc. is a bit more flexible, but you're almost always going to pay the extra and alter can't be hit by FILP and turning opponents dice can save your life.

TheBrianFactor 60

@GoopiesAlter makes you have to turn 2 dice. Say you roll pretty well and just need to turn 1 die, Alter actually messes up that plan especially if your opponent has no dice you want to turn. Though you'll always always pay 2 for concentrate, you can always choose just to turn 1.

Goopies 134

@TheBrianFactor Alter says "up to“ so you can turn one or none.

The Destiny Council 2702

@Goopies From our experience, wanting to turn only 1 die is a much more common occurrence than wanting to turn an opponents die, which is why we stuck with Concentrate. However, we did seriously consider Alter, mainly because, as you said, it can't be targeted by FILP, which is everywhere right now.

Goopies 134

@The Destiny Council Thanks for the insight! From watching the stream I didn't see too many (any) concentrates for one but you guys have way more reps then I do.

dj88c 16

@The Destiny Council seems like your only loss was to Sabine/Ezra... Any thoughts as to why this matchup was bad for this deck or how to tech against that in the future?

The Destiny Council 2702

@dj88cIn testing, we found that any deck that could consistently kill Obi by the end of turn 2 or the beginning of turn 3 was difficult for the deck to deal with (because it's on turns 3-4 that this deck really goes off). Switching to Frozen Wastes made it difficult for most aggro decks to kill Obi fast enough, but unfortunately it doesn't really help with Sabine. Additionally, staying ahead on the claim doesn't really matter, because Sabine always gets to do her damage first. Sabine will always be the Queen of big-little vs big-little matchups because of this.

As far as tech, I'd suggest adding a second Force Illusion if you're worried about this matchup. Caution is also a good card against Sabine, and I might consider a second FILP, since this is one matchup where you need to max out your damage early game.

sarahevans 135

Well done on the top 16 finish!

Were their any match ups you were cautious about using Maz's Vault with?

Henslesax 67

I would also be curious about the answer to @sarahevans question, it's something that usually make me uneasy to play it unless i'm rolling with a Sabine deck.

The Destiny Council 2702

@sarahevans Hi Sarah! Sorry it took so long to respond, just now saw your question. I almost never feel bad playing Maz's Vault, because this deck loves resources, and can use the extra resources far more effectively than most decks. Plus, being able to Hyperspace Jump off of base resources can be really clutch late in close games. The only match-ups I would hesitate playing it are Vehicles and Sabine, because they also love max resources. But even in those I might throw it down depending on the time in the game and the board state, because it will still benefit me more in many cases. In fact, the one Sabine matchup I won he ended up playing Maz's Vault and it helped me much more than him, allowing me to Hyperspace Jump the next turn (of course, the opposite could happen, which is why I would hesitate in that match-up).

Porg_FriedRice 27

Would you add any Way of the Force cards?