Palp with Slippers

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I really liked Palpatine in the SOR Meta and was very excited to see a new build for him in the Naked Palp list at Canadian Nationals and then saw someone run it with Force Speed and call it Palp with Slippers in a pod at worlds so I decided to do my own approach to it.

When deck building I like to look at the function of each card in the deck and what section it belongs in based on that function. I always start with control, running such a low cost character control is vital. Below I will talk about each "section" and the card choices within them.

Control Doubt Feel Your Anger Hidden Motive Overconfidence Sound The Alarm I went for affordability with my mitigation suite as well as finding a few that can effect multiple dice. This part is very self-explanatory.

Anti-Mitigation Since I am not relying on upgrades I needed to keep Palpatine's dice in the pool so I have a few cards that allow me to do that or resolve them faster. Resilient Endurance

Pace These cards allow me to resolve multiple dice at once if they're showing different symbols or turn a die and then resolve for massive swings of damage. Also allows me to use Now You Will Dieto increase damage. They keep me going fast and able to claim which is a very key strategy for this deck.

While we are talking about claiming, let's talk about the battlefield choice. I really like being able to claim action 3 or 4 or being able to sit on control for a bit with the option to claim. Imperial Palace allows me to get cards that can hurt me and work towards their win condition out of their hand and to minimize their option to discard to reroll, which is another reason I like hitting Palpatine's two discard side. Taking Ground Helps me win the roll off to choose my own battlefield. Sometimes if I face a blue hero deck I will choose Obi-Wan's Hut - Tatooine for the shields because I claim faster then most of those but those decks are built efficiently and normally include Aayla Secura - Jedi General who's indirect sides can wreck Palpatine. Overall though I am very happy with this battlefield choice (again, that wasn't my idea, that was someone I played against in a pod at worlds).

Health This section is self explanatory, this helps keep Palp alive. Force Illusion Indomitable

Damage Ramp This final section is what allows Palpatine to ramp into damage suddenly and is aided by the Force Speed/Swiftness play to avoid mitigation. Aim Use The Force- I opted for this card over Alter for the sake of resources. I assume 2 resources per round and having to spend the two on Alter is a bad feeling. The resource side on palpatine is my least favorite to resolve because it doesn't further my goal of keeping Palpatine alive and using hand disruption to minimize their deck's effectiveness. So I have no reliable ramp in here and I want to have that resource for potential control. Now You Will Die I love this card and have included it in every palpatine deck I have played. Aided by Force Speed/Swiftness I can have a blowout turn, with two extra surprise damage out of nowhere, it does feel bad resolving this on the resource though and I will only do that if it means a win for me. As much as I like Palpatine's 2 discard side and 2 shield side (which help the health and the hand disruption) this is an agro deck so I will do whatever I can to ramp damage and this card helps a lot while remaining resource efficient. Trust Your Instincts this is essentially a free reroll on my bad rolls.

Weaknesses Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert She can outpace this deck easily and has access to Easy Pickings, getting rid of their Running Interference and Never Tell Me The Odds play is extremely crucial and the battlefield can help with that but I have to be claiming first.

Kylo Ren - Tormented One- despite having 1/3 of my deck at gray this matchup, no matter who he is paired with, is an auto-loss for me. Too much health to chew through while taking that consistent damage.

Indirect Damage- One character. Enough Said.

Overall, this deck can be competitive if piloted right and ran aggressively enough. I don't pitch to reroll too much as the only symbol I don't like to see is resource or blank because the other 2 besides damage (discard and shields) help further my goal with the deck. I have had pretty decent success with it and it is so much fun to pilot.

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