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YOUR Destiny Podcast 2382

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Sareth 1

I read the deck analysis, very interesting build, I've played with same characters, but without focusing that much on odd cards, I cannot stand not to include 2 cost upgrades, but i'll try this deck. Also, if you pick your battlefield, is an only first-turn battlefield or the deck is fast enough to claim it again?

TheBrianFactor 60

5die Villain is generally fast enough. Aside from the 3 actions it takes to activate each character. You can make educated calculations to what damage to take, what to control, and still be able to control the battlefield. If you're killing a character by the end of turn 2, you're in dire straits because you do not have the health to sustain a longer game.

YOUR Destiny Podcast 2382

@Sareth ... the Battlefield is not a priority.

Let's say your opponent wins the roll-off and chooses their own Battlefield. You put the 2 shields on Bala-Tik. He's now effectively a 10hp character, which means he'll be very difficult to kill round 1 (even round 2 if you draw a Force Illusion or Witch Magick).

If you win the roll-off, you can choose your Battlefield to give Bala-Tik a "meatshield" or your opponent's Battlefield to give him 2 shields.

The choice of Battlefield really depends on how potentially destructive your opponent's Battlefield is to your game plan.

THANKS for reading the article!