eThrawn/eSnoke - 12 Person Store Championship Winner (4-0)

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staylor598 451

12 Players, so no top-cut, but this is the deck I won a store championship with. There were 4 rounds.

Most important cards for me in this deck:

Planetary Bombardment

Tactical Mastery- (to get 4 resources from Snoke's Power action before they can respond OR to resolve a Planetary Bombardment before they can mitigate it.

Chance Cube- I play it on the character they don't target first to still have great resource generation if I can't Snoke Power action Thrawn's 2 resources.

Count Dooku's Solar Sailer /Boundless Ambition- before I put each of these in here, there were tons of games I wish I had more card draw because I had tons of resources and not enough vehicles to play.

The only for sure cut is Feel Your Anger. In a current meta with a lot of plays that don't allow me to mitigate before they resolve or fix their dice, I never played Feel Your Anger. I would likely replace it with another Overconfidence.

I am also considering cutting Dark Ritual. I didn't play it in any of the 4 games, and when I played it in practice games I often found myself wishing I spent those resources elsewhere. However, I have also lost some games with this deck where all I needed was to finish out the current round with all of my vehicles, so perhaps Dark Ritual isn't a sure cut.

My Rounds:

Round 1 against Rex/Poe2P/Clone Trooper. Good game, great guy. No notable plays that show anything unique about my deck that I had to do.

Round 2 against 3x Mandalorian Super Commandos with Preemptive Strike as the plot. This player is in my local meta, and I was impressed with this deck. Chance Cube 3 times for 3 damage and 0 resources is awesome. The MVP play I needed to win this game was a Fall Back that made him discard 6 upgrades. I won by 1 HP.

Round 3 against eSabine/Hera. Great game against a talented player I have played in top cuts a few times in local tournaments. Grand Entrance was an awesome include here for his deck. Using Thrawn's activate action to name 3 and get rid of Second Chance was my most important play there.

Round 4 was the final against eRose/2x Jedha Partisan. This deck being a mixture of vehicles and mill seemed real fun. The most important play here was using Thrawn's activate ability to name 3 (I knew he had a Y-Wing so I named 3, but then I saw a Second Chance).


D4rthCaedus 237

Excellent player with an excellent deck, I play Thrawn/Snoke and I think this may be the best list I've seen :) I favor Partnership for my action cheating, but Tactical Mastery is more flexible for SURE! Also I REALLY like Target Intel for surprise kills, but I have a penchance for tricky tricks ;)

DarthRoman 136

Do you feel Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter pulls its weight? I didn’t have that in my list. Great deck and congrats on the win!

staylor598 451

Thanks @D4rthCaedus. Can't wait to play more games soon. I will be checking out Partnership.

staylor598 451

Thanks, @DarthRoman! My least favorite vehicle in the list is the Kylo's Starfighter. Since gaining resources off Thrawn, and using his ability is so important, I never get Kylo's Starfighter for more than 2 since I don't roll it out early in the round. I kept it just because it is a 2 drop vehicle, but might replace it with a Z-95 Headhunter.

Darth Vader's Tie Advanced can big a big surprise on people. I have used the special to kill characters enough times that I feel that it stays, but I definitely wouldn't mind breaking down the cost curve of my deck more to find room for another Hailfire. Maybe even a direct swap out.

GandalfsHat 11

What about a Modified HWK-290 as a two cost? yes there's the indirect thing but I believe the dice more than makes up for it

staylor598 451

With no way to remove the damage on the HWK, it doesn't fit in the deck for me. 2 damage every turn is way too much help for your opponent.

Tajerik Ri 24

I was playing the Rose - Skilled Mechanic double Jedha Partisan deck, and yep, that second chance pull was brutal:) I tried to mill his supports and hit one planetary and an arc, but of course the second planetary was still in his hand:) that card is nuts!