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SWATJester 2

This deck is a mix of the "Naked Palp" deck, tweaked a bit to my tastes and limitations of my card list. I appreciate the aggressive, fast nature of the Naked Palp deck; however the lack of resources is really hindering and makes it easy to shut down. Palp is not good at generating resources, with just one resource side on his dice. This deck respects the premise of Naked Palp by keeping all costs below 2 (this deck has slightly more 2-cost than Naked Palp), but adds the expectation of keeping upgrades on Palp at all times. The goal of the upgrade path is to Sith Holocron into Force Illusion, and Resilient to protect Palp, then either Force Focus or Immobilize depending on what is more necessary -- shields with Immobilize, or resources with Force Focus. Damage comes from comboing Palp's ability with the Swiftness into Use The Force and Alter wombo-combo, with Intimidate to strip shields first and Unyielding to deal with shields that arise later. Otherwise, the plan is really simple: Roll Palp in, try to use your combo, protect his dice with Endurance and Resilient, and shut down everything your opponent tries to do with constant re-rolls and removal. You will likely claim first, getting some hand knowledge and discard out of the deal.

Cards that this deck will unambiguously benefit from getting a second copy of: Sith Holocron, Alter.

Additional cards that are in this deck because I'm either testing them, or not sure how I feel about them, or simply don't have anything better in my list to swap in there:

Boundless Ambition -- great card, but draw rate is not the problem here with this deck. Emperor's Favor is more useful, but probably not worth it if I drop BA. Mislead seems less powerful than adding a second Isolation here. Immobilize - would drop this and something else, to replace with 2x Indomitable, but I don't have any. Gives me much more shield protection, without taking up a valuable upgrade slot.

I'm sure there are plenty of other improvements, e.g. Force Speed, Hidden Motive, etc. but this is the first deck that I've even made semi-from scratch (having a lot of help studying Naked Palp, Good....GOOOD, and other ePalp lists) and I've spent several hours over the past two nights going through every blue in my collection to try and tweak this as best I can with what I've got. Hope you enjoy it, let me know how it works for you.


Razelll 244

It looks well made for a cheap/what I got palp deck. Torment is a good money maker for palp decks. You might want to think about running Honed Skills if you have them, cuz all the upgrades that you have. Espestially if you put in Torment. And ya, palp decks really like free removeal and Force Speed. But the only good free removeal he has is Hidden Motive and Doubt. And Force Speed is $40.

FYI, you can't Sith Holocron a Resilient, cuz it is not a blue ability upgrade. It is just a blue upgrade.

SWATJester 2

@Razelll thanks; those both look like solid suggestions. And yeah, that's just awkward wording on my part about the Holocron, I know it can't be used for Resilient, as it doesn't have the Ability keyword.

Razelll 244

@SWATJester Ok, just making sure.