Good... GOOD... People can't remove my die

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DarthVaderRocks 112

Pretty straightforward. Hard mulligan for Sith Holocron and Bloodlust (this card was made for Palpatine). Deal loads of damage and heal damage done to you.

Have fun! Any suggestions are highly appreciated!


2disrupt 15

Why Bloodlust? Why not Resilient? You can't holocron out Bloodlust.

DarthVaderRocks 112

@2disrupt Bloodlust was made for Palpatine. After you resolve your dice, you deal to indirect to your opponent and then an extra damage from Bloodlust. I'm not too worried about not holocroning bloodlust out. Resilient is the card I am really trying to fit in. What would you take out?

@Crusader07 Good idea. What would you take out?

2disrupt 15

Sorry I forgot about that the text on the card is only reminder text. I dislike the holocron package and instead run the Torment Hidden Blaster package in my deck. I may replace the blaster with Bloodlust. I would remove the holocron package entirely.

the BEAST 1128

Bloodlust definitely has poor value here. It just gives more value from removing Palp's dice. I'd take 1 damage to prevent 5 or 6 every day. It also only works with the 2 damage sides. It would be better if you ran 2 Endurance and 2 Resilient. Just on a side note, I'd say Bloodlust was made for Savage Opress - Reckless Warrior.

2disrupt 15

Also no Indomitable?