Kylo YulaRen (Ohio Regional Champion)

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Kylo’s pet wolf- 2nd place Greenfield, WI Regional 15 10 6 2.0
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Articero 881

                          Kylo2 / Wullf!?!

First, a big thank you to every single one of my opponents today. You were spectacular players and fun people to meet and compete with, and I look forward to entering future events that you are a part of! Without a great community no game is worth playing, and the community in Ohio today was great.

This deck is a pet project that handles Thrawn/ Snoke pretty well (unless they draw straight fire or manage to correctly dismantle your hand for multiple turns at the start of the game... but let's face it, that's a tough thing to deal with no matter which deck you're playing). It does okay against a variety of meta choices, but has some common weaknesses as well.

I love the Kylo Ren - Tormented One/ Wullf Yularen - ISB Colonel combo, but a different meta would demand a lot of changes to this deck's construction and play style. I had the advantage of bringing a surprise deck today, and my opponents not being overly familiar with Wullf Yularen - ISB Colonel or his shenanigans definitely helped me in my games.

        If you plan to play this deck, a few words of advice:

You typically want to play on your battlefield (that extra resource turn one is really helpful), so if you win the roll you're probably going to take it.

Activate Wullf Yularen - ISB Colonel first, if you need, to clear the path for Kylo Ren - Tormented One to roll in confidently - your entire objective is to make your odds on Kylo's call as good as possible and reduce your opponent's control options to a place where they can't stop your damage.

Realize that Wullf has a focus and a two focus and you can resolve a one focus to a two - those sides make Kylo consistently able to hit 6 damage a turn even without upgrades.

Mulligan for a weapon, a piece of control, and something spicy that interacts with your opponent's early game sequencing (Probe Questioned Loyalty, Dark Presence, etc).

If you do slam down an early Dark Presence, use your Wullf rollout strategically - odds are actually pretty good you hit a discard side, so it works relatively consistently as removal.

And, lastly, if you happen to be playing against Thrawn/ Snoke, ALWAYS target Thrawn first.

I would definitely make some changes to this deck going forward (Vigilance is actually incredible and should definitely find a place... at least one in an Inferno Squad ID10 Seeker Droid spot, I think), but ultimately it's one of those decks with a lot of flexibility to make your own.


Round 1 - SC Championship Card - Bye (1-0)

Round 2 - Thrawn/ Snoke - Loss (1-1)

Round 3 - Cassian/ Jyn - Win (2-1)

Round 4- Thrawn/ Snoke - Win (3-1)

Round 5 - Cassian/ Yoda/ Anakin - Win (4-1)

Round 6 - DJ/ Snoke - Loss (4-2)

Round 7 - Thrawn/ Snoke - Win (5-2)

                        Top Cut (6th in Swiss)

Top 8 - Thrawn/ Snoke - Win (2-1)

Top 4 - Thrawn/ Snoke - Win (2-1)

Top 2 - Thrawn/ Snoke - Win (2-0)

Once again, I just want to thank everyone that came out to the Ohio Regional today for making the day fun. Safe travels home!


Caleb723 41

I'm so happy you took this today! I ended up in 15th and we never got to play, but I sat next to you a few times and this looks like a real master class of Destiny deckbuilding/meta calls! If you're open to any questions, I'm surprised there are no copies of Imposing Presence in there given your hand control, but I couldn't tell you what I would personally switch. I am totally going to give this a look myself in the future too.

Congratulations on your win and take care!

Pearl Yeti 977

Congrats on the win. Care to chat about it with us on our podcast next week?

Ramin2-D2 550

@articero . cool deck. so was there any games where your Kylo was defeated? how did that sorta game play out?

Xir 15

CONGRATULATIONS! SWD needs Creative deckbuilders like you. Net-Deck-Testers we have enough. :)

JoshisJoshingyou 42

Congratulations I was happy there was something other than Thrawn/Snoke at the top tables all day. People like you that create new surprise decks and find success with them are what make the game great. I also brought my own thing, but it didn't do as well vs thrawn as I had hoped, the bottom tables were full of Vader decks and I did decapitate vader 3 times. Net deckers beware, you may win 90% of the time you won't be celebrated as much! I hope you can go to world's and pull of another surprise win!

Big_Campy 384

Congrats on the win! Wish we would have played each other, so I could have seen this deck in action. I heard good things all day. Glad to see that people are still being creative and trying to counter the Meta rather than giving in to it. Well done!

Dante2377 20

Congrats man! 8-3 vs Thrawn Snoke shows you had game there. I was the one TS guy in top 8 you didn't face (green 1/4 pullover). Nice job bringing it home!

Articero 881

@Caleb723Thank you! Congratulations on your top 16 finish. I did have Imposing Presence in my early drafts of this build, but it ended up getting shuffled out as the removal got cheaper and wider to facilitate the "force them to discard to reroll" concept. I don't think it's a bad card to try!

@Pearl YetiThanks man! I got your message and hopefully we can work something out!

@Ramin2-D2Thanks! The games where Kylo goes down quickly are almost impossible to win. That said, a lot of your meta (Thrawn/Snoke) makes a living on indirect damage (or at least damage split between characters) so you can push a lot of it to Yularen. Vader is different, but a lot of hand and dice control goes a long way in that matchup as well.

@XirThanks! It's always rewarding when an odd build finds some wins!

@JoshisJoshingyouThanks! It's fun to brew lists that try to counter popular decks. Keep experimenting!

@Big_CampyThanks! I'll hopefully be at some later Midwestern regionals - maybe we'll have another chance!

@Dante2377Thanks! There was a lot of luck (and SUPER close games) involved with that 8-3 mark, especially in a top 8 that was stacked with deserving players. Great job on your finish as well!

Schattenriss 1

@Articeronice deck. A masterpiece! Thank you for sharing

Lord_Moldywart 1

Awesome! Kylo is the first card I thought of when I pulled Wullf from a pack. Great idea and great build!

fortunevoyager 165

Love the deck @Articero! The Jackalmen would love to get a deck tech video with you, talking about the deck and the event. Feel free to send us a message on our facebook page if you are interested.

Articero 881

@SchattenrissThanks! High praise!

@Lord_MoldywartMe too! Wullf is a super cool character, and in the meta we just experienced he needed to be paired with quick, consistent damage that could take advantage of his power action. Nobody does that like Kylo!

@fortunevoyagerThanks man! I appreciate the offer!

inquistorsz 10

Awesome stuff! Love the deck. I like mill decks in general so I've wanted to make Wulff work. I'll be trying him out some more now. Any thoughts on who else he pairs well with. I feel like Kylo does all the heavy lifting here...

I play a lot of Jyn/Cass and I like that deck dynamic. Been dying for something like that for villains. I also love Dark Presence from when I used to run Dooku/Ventress ages ago.

tunewalker 74

I do not know if you thought about this, but since yularen's ability is a power action that you can trigger without rolling him in have you thought about using Leadership, to reset Kylo for even more trigger damage in a turn.

Articero 881

@inquistorsz Wullf is solid. He’s a little like Thrawn in what he does, with less health and a slightly less effective ability, so places that Thrawn works you can try to stick Wullf and see what happens. Kylo does do the heavy lifting, but in this case that’s by design.

Jyn/ Cassian is great and can do a lot of what I did with this deck, if it wants to.

@tunewalker I did! I love Leadership and I’ve used many decks that take advantage of the cool stuff that card can enable. This deck didn’t incorporate it for two reasons: first, sometimes your hand control has to be played in a such a way that your opponent can get down to zero cards - so, while strong, no activate damage will clear, reducing the effectiveness of your leadership-enabled second rollout; second, Wullf’s focus sides are the sneaky best sides in the deck and you want them in the pool (plus his discard is what enables Dark Presence). Kylo’s die is most effective in this build if you can avoid getting locked in to paying for the 2 melee or resolving a 1. Double focus for consistent free 2s is critical, because it lets you sneak extra damage in via Lightsaber Throw or Conflicted to push your damage tempo. It’s possible Leadership could do that in a different way, but I think it would be less consistent.

artyzipp 7

This deck is awesome. Thanks for sharing

Capricorn06 185

Great deck. Congratulations. You have opened my eyes on Wulff shenenigans. Have u ever consider Dark Scheme in this deck. I have one in my version and it is powerfull as hell.