Winner of 33-player UK Regional - Kit Fisto & Yoda

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DrDoofenshmirtz 106

This deck is my own homebrew and I brought it to the 33-player Woking Regionals in UK (with some pretty noticable names in there (not trying to brag by the way)) and won the finals with it. I only played the game casually so far so I am really proud and happy about this result.

I usually only play with Trilogy cards since I started playing after the Legacies set came out. I modified my Trilogy version to a Standard version and came up with this. I really wanted to make Kit Fisto work, and this time he did.

Deck description

  • Redeploy weapons should normally be played on the one you expect to be defeated first to hopefully resolve the die twice in a round, but in this deck you always play the big upgrades on Kit as he needs them to block damage.

  • Yoda should be kept alive, but it should never compromise the life of Kit Fisto. Yoda must sacrifice himself if needed for the greater good. When Kit Fisto is pumped up with big upgrades he can manage on his own.

  • Late game you just need to keep Beguile and Guard in hand, and they can be huge swings.

  • Early game is all about getting Kit Fisto up and running as fast as possible. It is nice with some mitigation, but I usually didn't have resources for anything. Hidden Motive is nice to start with though.

  • A lot of damage from hand also won me a few games. Ataru Strike, Steadfast and Riposte together with Heightened Awareness is very helpful to surprise people before they can put down that Force Illusion or use those shields .

  • The deck runs a good amount of upgrades. I didn't get Theed in most situations, so I relied on 2-cost upgrades a lot, with Ancient Lightsaber being the single best wepon because of the +3 side, which enables Guard or just deals so much damage. And Yoda consistenly pulls it off.

  • The fact that Kit Fisto also has a 2 side makes the deck so much more consistent. When Yoda is defeated and Kit is fully outkitted (pun intended), sacrificing a single one of his dice to turn two others is huge.

  • Kit Fisto is more tanky than he looks. If you haven't played him, you will be surprised. Just focus on putting all weapons on him. Learning when to block damage with his melee sides takes a bit of practice, as that is the tricky part about him.

  • Every game feels so intense because of how Kit Fisto works. There is a very good balance between acting and reacting, and often a single turn is what wins the game. The deck feels like it wants to play it slowly, but that just doesn't work when you sit there at the table. If you enjoy the old-school way of playing Destiny, I so much recommend trying Kit Fisto out. There are so many decisions that can end the game for you right away, and it feels so satisfying to play it when it works.


Game 1 (Loss): eSnoke / eBazine / Battle Droid

Being the first game I wasn't ready for the competitive action and got destroyed. My opponent had Vader's Fist down round one together with a TIE Fighter. Start of turn 2 began with him paying an AT-ST. GG.

Game 2 (Win): Bye

Okay, a bit "lucky", but I would much rather have played a game after a devastating loss from the start.

Game 3 (Win): Don't remember, sorry

Please let me know if you know what I played against here. It was a win. Quick edit. It was Iden / Snoke. I will add description later.

Game 4 (Loss): eSnoke / Ciena / Rebel Traitor

This game was against the UK National Champion. I also lost this game but it was a bit more close. It was still a pretty significant win for him. I went for Ciena first but he managed to make it enough trouble and I just couldn't get through.

Game 5 (Win): eDarth Vader / Greedo

The dreaded Vader match-up. This was a super close game that went totally down to the wire. I managed to win in the end. It was probably the most intense game I had the whole day. Keeping Mr. Fisto alive and pump him up with upgrades are so key to winning with this deck.

Game 6 (Win): eDarth Vader / Greedo

Lastly, another of the dreaded Vader decks. This game was a lot different than the one before, as it was Kit that died first, and Yoda was left behind with 2 shields when he died. 2 Redeploy weapons went onto him and he had to carry the rest of the game, which meant defeating Vader with 8 health left. He managed to pull his weight, but without those quick Redeploys it wouldn't be possible. This was also a game that went down to the wire.

Swiss Rounds Summary
I went 4-2 in the Swiss Rounds and I just made it into the top cut on spot 8. Being mostly a casual player I was super happy to make it to top 8 and win a Vader playmat. I was starting to feel much more in control of the deck, and for each game I felt I knew the deck even more. It was an interesting development actually.

Quarter final (Win 2-0): eLeia Boushh / Yoda

Super strong deck, and super strong opponent that went 6-0 in the Swiss Rounds. Being no. 8 I had to play no. 1. Defeating Leia relatively quickly in both games managed to win. I got hit hard a few times by special chaining and a lot of damage from Leia, but keeping it mostly on my Yoda was a good decision, as Kit is the one carrying the deck. A Yoda just can't stand up to Kit Fisto with 3 upgrades , but interestingly it was a bit close anyway. He played Treasured Lightsaber on Yoda and the unblockable damage from that together with Backup Muscle almost killed Kit.

Semi final (Win 2-0): eHan / eQi'Ra

Another very quick deck, not in the same way as Leia with special chaining, but rolling in and resolving everything very quickly. I managed to defeat Han Solo quickly in both games before he did much, but Qi'Ra could do a lot of damage on her own. I focused on keeping Kit alive, and in the end his big melee sides were just too much.

Finale (Win 2-0): eSnoke / Ciena / Rebel Traitor

I already played against this deck earlier and lost. This time it was different. He played his Firespray-31 early and also got a Vader's Fist down. I managed to stay okay'ish on top, I think.
The second game was much less close. I noticed he mulliganed 4 cards , digging for some vehicles. First round, I rolled out Yoda and one of the sides was a Discard . Next turn, he grabbed 3x1 Resources from his character dice and I was thinking about how to mitigate it. I knew he would have a vehicle to play next turn. I couldn't remove his resources and I had no mitigation to remove his vehicle dice when they would come out. So... I went for a gamble play (play-to-win is the only way) and used my Discard side . Out of the 4 cards in his hand, I managed to pull the Firespray-31 and he had no other vehicles in his hand. At the start of turn 3 he had 9 resources and started playing some vehicles. That was game over. Only Snoke left from there to end the game.

All in all I was really impressed by how well I piloted the deck in the end. It really took some hard decision making, and coming out on top shows that it worked out. Even with this off-meta deck.

Thanks for reading if you came all the way down here. I know it is a very long text, but I couldn't stop writing when I had begun.

Best to all of you. - Matthias


5P33D 75

"Hey, where's Perry?"

Davclarke 52

Love the innovation in your deck, and skill in your piloting. Congrats :)

RobbieWibble 1

I was the game 6 Vader/Greedo - congrats on winning man! Our game was nail bitingly close and although winning the game against you would have taken me to the top 8, I'm at least glad I lost to the eventual winner :)

helikaon 34

Steadfastin other decks seems to be the inclusion when they are running Bitter Rivalry. Did you find that it did enough work for you in this line up that it got good value? How hard did you mulligan for it?

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@helikaon It would probably be much stronger in a deck with Bitter Rivalry. I never really mulliganed for it specifically. I went for prioritizing having a 2-cost and a 3-cost upgrade in hand in case I would get the battlefield. Steadfast was fine, but actually, every single yellow deck against me opened with Friends in Low Places which ruins the combo a little bit. It is hard to set up because there are so many ways to be negated. I can have a card discarded, I can't use any mitigation and I have to wait on taking 2 damage. Often these days I find it nice to remove resources from the vehicle decks early, but I can't get full value from Steadfast in those cases before they put a vehicle down and damage me AND I can't play mitigation. I would probably remove it to be honest. Maybe for Caution or something like that to enable the other damage-from-hand combos that relies on shields.

@RobbieWibble Hey man. Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the match. It was really a tough one. Hope to see you again sometime :)

TheHyperloops 3236

Congrats! out of curiosity how was loth wolf bond? That card never seems to make my decks but I see people have success with it.

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@TheHyperloops Thanks. And thanks for asking. I will do my best to explain how I use it.

I don't want Loth-Wolf Bond in my opening hand. It is for the late-game basically. The 2 shields are nice, but it is usually only the one that has an impact. I think it works because I can roll both characters in at the same time and put on some preassure. With a Force Speed in there with 50% change of a special with Yoda being able to special chain into it, and 2 sides on both character's dice, they need A LOT of mitigation really fast to stop it. It is not Hit and Run or Drop In, but it activates two characters.

That it usually how I play it. I find myself discarding it easiliy early on, and also when one character is dead. So it is probably not the best fit, but it definitely has its place. I wouldn't remove it, but being a late-game card I would probably only take 1 next time.

helikaon 34

I know you're getting a lot of questions, but why Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod over a second Shoto Lightsaber or even Treasured Lightsaber? Just like those base sides?

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@helikaon No problem at all. I am happy about the interest.

I have heard doubts about Luke Skywalker's Lightning Rod a few times now, and I chose it because of the higher sides. 2, 2 and 1. Shoto only has 1, 1 and 2. So one less. Maybe the shield is better. I usually override them anyway.

I only have 1 Treasured Lightsaber. It is probably a better idea to have two of those instead. The draw a card effect is really, really nice, and Yoda can special chain into it for a lot of unblockable damage.

It is not so much about being base or modified side. I didn't really have a problem resolving all of it. Kit can use anything to block if just the value is high. And it enables Guard as well.

In my mind it is down to preference. I like the Lightning Rod, but two Shotos might be preferable in some situations. The Treasured sabers are probably strongest because they are better in the opening hand. Shoto doesn't work as first weapon.

aaronrphillips 30

Have you considered Safeguard? I've found it to be pretty great with Kit mid-to-late game

stewsie111 14

Congrats on your win Matt. Kit was just too strong for Han and Qi'ra! Look forward to seeing you again.

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@aaronrphillips Hi Aaron. Yes, I did have it in my Trilogy version of the deck, and it makes sense in the deck, as every weapon upgrade should be played on Kit anyway (except for Force Speed). But in my opinion the card is not good enough if it doesn't give all 3 shields. And because of this it actually has two conditions. First, a character needs to have 3 upgrades for it to provide 3 shields. Second, the character that should receive shields cannot have a single shield already. And that last condition makes it too situational in my mind. I don't know which card I should remove to put it in too.

@stewsie111 Hey, thanks a lot :) Hope to see you again as well.

thewelcomemat 70

That was a fantastic write up! What a cool deck. Have you had any success running Kit with any other pairings, or is the king of consistency the way to go?

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@thewelcomemat Thanks a lot :) Really appreciate it. I haven't tried any other combinations, but I have been working on a really interesting combination that I will try out for the next regional this weekend. I will let you know how it goes :)

Davclarke 52

@thewelcomemat I’m trying out Kit L3 with doubledown and premonitions falcon3. Its been fun but bit more janky. My decklist is in db if you search character pairing

DrDoofenshmirtz 106

@thewelcomemat Hi again. Last week I brought a deck wtih Kit Fisto & Luke3 with Bitter Rivalry to a 30 player regional and came in 15th. I went 3-3 in the swiss rounds. The deck was okay but it played very differently. I don't have games enough to say if it was good or not. I just wanted to get back as I said I would try another deck.

TheHyperloops 3236

@DrDoofenshmirtzi know it probably sounds bad but I'd be intrigued by Luke2 and kit fist. You get force misdirection for range which sounds cool in theory and guard gets better.

BlueValeGames 45

I've been running this combo for a couple weeks now against some other various Tier1 decks in my weekly gaming group. I was skeptical at first since nobody else is running this character combo successfully. It looked like it was fast smashy smashy with lots of mitigation, which is one of my favorite play styles.

I've never really liked Force Speed, but in this deck it really works wonders with Yoda specials. In fact, its scary how fast you can turn all your dice to what you want and resolve them all at once, insta-killing your opponent.

I forget my first week's results of playing this, but last week I went 3-0.

Game 1 - Some kind of trooper combo (Tier 2 maybe) Took him out pretty quickly. He was really disturbed when I rolled out natural specials for both Force Speed die and a Yoda die, the other Yoda die was the Double Refocus. I basically got 7 actions out of this, and then resolved immediately. There was nothing he could do. I kept them both shielded up and Kit was able to mitigate with all his dice.

Game 2 - Rieekan/Leia Mono Red Mill This deck milled scary fast. It was nice that I could remove all focus from damage, so I just played smarter instead. I was using Yoda early on to gain resources to play every weapon I could before it was milled out of my hand. Any time Discard sides were showing, I would assess my hand, play the best weapon, or just discard for a re-roll since I was going to lose them all anyway on the next turn. Mid game I changed Yoda over to Shields and Discard the top card of opponents deck, which was pretty disruptive in itself to my opponent.. The shields I was only keeping so I could pull off my Ataru Strikes when they came out, as well as the Riposte. Once I had enough on each, I stopped gaining shields. I took Leia out first since she was the only real threat. Once she was gone, Rieekan's machine broke down. He can't mill by himself. My opponent got me down to emptying my draw deck out. Thankfully I had both Ancients in hand, and plenty of money to use them if needed. I ended up taking Rieekan out pretty quickly with all of the refocuses and Yoda specials.

Game 3 - Dooku / Talzin This was the only real threat I feared playing against, it's scary fast and can really disrupt your own dice. I focused on taking out Talzin first since she had less health. My opponent focused on the wrong character, he tried taking out Kit instead of Yoda. I was loading Kit down with weapons, and Yoda up with Force Speeds. I was regularly getting several actions per turn. My opponent mitigated really well, but with so much ability to refocus, fix, turn my own dice, he was kind of at a loss after a while of what dice presented the worse threat..... and this is where the beauty of this deck really shined. Turn a damage die to a blank? That's cool, I'll just force speed, Yoda fix it back and hit you all at once. Take a Yoda die away? That's cool, you will be pounded in the face with all the melee you left on the table. Get rid of my force speed? Fine, You'll still get pounded. This is what happened after he was running out of steam. I finally took out Talzin. I was able to mitigate all his dice on the final round. He claimed early. I had 3 shields on Yoda, damage showing, Ataru Strike, Riposte and money to spend. I resolved one of my 2 damage die with Ataru for 5, then resolved the 4 remaining damage for 9, then tossed in Riposte for a total of 12, insta-killing Dooku. Game over. And this last combo has been pulled off multiple times, it's pretty reliable to use, especially with force speeds in the stack.

I am really impressed with this deck build. I play only infinite, so I will probably swap one or two mitigation cards out, but otherwise, this deck is a solid choice for hyper aggro.

BlueValeGames 45

@TheHyperloops Loth Wolf Bond goes in every dual blue deck I have now. Think of it as +2 health, +1 Ambush for $1.

That's pretty good value, all on turn one or two of a round. Either play a weapon, then play Loth-Wolf Bond, or if your opponent is super aggro, play it immediately on turn 1, he will be forced to waste a turn mitigating, or if he doesn't you can hit him with whatever you rolled.

It's really great playing Loth-Wolf bond mid game when you have a couple weapons out, and at least one force speed. Your opponent is now facing 8+ die and has a lot of decision making to do. Whatever he decides to do, it's still too late. There's either a lot of specials or a lot of damage showing, or both.

However your opponent mitigates, Yoda or Force Speeds will fix it all and resolve on the following turn. He's now a step or two behind depending what you rolled. This card is really powerful when used correctly.