WulfPack Toronto Standard GQ 5-1

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Intellectx 264

I took this deck to the standard GQ in Toronto on Sunday Feb 24.

Some people seemed interested in the deck so I decided to post it here. A couple of notes about the deck. Someone played this character combo against me recently on TTS and I was intrigued. The goal for this deck is to get a Firespray-31 with a mod and 4 TIE Fighter out turn 1. It's a fun deck and has a lot of things going for it. I didn't play against any Darth Vader - Terror To Behold.


MalaciousMawloc 151

How much did you discard or use Unkar's Action? Will you do a write up of your matches? Almost put this together myself...

Dz 70

Nice. I tried a mill version of this pairing. (AR grabbed a Hound's Tooth for money or shields). It worked surprisingly well, but scrapped the idea as the win-con was too focused on getting Buy Out. Tough to survive if both buy outs were in the bottom third of the deck. However, if you found a Buy out in Rd 2. You can set it up for a monster Rd 3 (sometimes a win too)

Jestorx 2

I played vs deck 3rd (or 4th?) round of the Sunday Toronto GQ. It can ramp incredibly well and was well piloted. 3 x Tie Fighters and Firespray came in Round 1. Lots of Unkar Actions early to ramp. I got crushed.