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Imperial Spy 178

I love it!

Kestral2040 193


Crumpet_of_Conquest 101

This is actually really nice! I've been looking for uses for Jabba3 but couldn't think of any, but this is good. And i'm always happy to see anybody using Vill Mill too:)

KyloSpren 204

We tested this a ton tonight and it was awesome!

Valador 11

Probe was reprinted, I think that it would be great in this deck. The Deja vu value!

Kestral2040 193

It was on my shortlist, but ultimately I thought the deck was good enough at pulling 5 cards from the hand per round (and usually it will be more like 3-4 needed) without events that help out. Personally I think the more urgent need for the deck is to mitigate dice and discard from the deck.

Dice of Failure 822

This deck is awesome! I'm so excited to test out its potential. Rock bottom, it will win every Jank night, but it could also be very competitive.

Tested this deck out a bunch last night, and made a couple alterations that I think you should check out.

Firstly, I worked in a second Streetwise. Playing Deja Vu means two of them could help a lot, and also its a card you really want to see so running it as a 2-of makes so much sense.

I also swapped out A Sinister Peace with Electroshock (prioritzing yellow events is key with Jabba The Hutt - Influential Kingpin) and put in Exploit in place of Risky Move. Exploit makes so much sense when you're constantly starving them for resources.

I also worked in two Truces. Getting money on the fly is important, and also a Truce into a Quarrel is a pretty great play.

Finally I worked in 1 Bespin Wing Guard to give the deck more closing power.

Cards I'm not running from your list. Bartering and Entangle. Entangle seems too costly, but could be worth it with the second Streetwise. I'm more eager to test swapping out Skilled Tracker for Bartering. I love Bartering in this deck and haven't loved Skilled Tracker.

Anyways, kudos! This deck is awesome, fun and creative!

Miket1100 430

I'd switch out the 2 Quarrel for 2 Probe. I'm fairly certain your opponent can choose to loose 1 resource even if he/she has none

Kestral2040 193

I forgot to update it, I was running 2 Exploit too (which is why I liked Quarrel over Probe) in place of Entangle. Getting a 2nd streetwise in there seems really good, maybe for the Inferno Squad droid.

I like a Sinister Peace in there because you often end up with so many cards in your hand (Jabba + the plot often getting you extra cards). Card draw isn't actually an advantage in this game though unless you use them all, thus a 0 cost great removal card fueled by extra cards seems nice.

borghe 291

I think Imperial Palace - Coruscant works better than Command Center. You lose (at most) 2 cards a round, BUT, you can get rid of their spiciest card with Moff PA turn 1, and also know right away if Wullf's PA is online or not. Not to mention it then creates a timer at the end game.

borghe 291

oops. at most 3 cards a round.. though 2 Moff's are often probably unlikely.

martinsmudge 19

played a slightly modified version of this last night. Its great fun. The two streetwise are really necessary to avoid playing extra resource generating cards. Where the deck fell down was against Droids (They dont need the dice sides) and quicker decks. After i mixed things up (took trackers out and put in Hampered it made a massive difference. The deck went fromm being fun to being quite nasty.

The Recreator 1

Have you played around with Cocky in this deck? Given all the draw power, it seems like it could make short work of an opponent’s hand.

General Vatutin 26

Any new stuff with this deck or moved on?

Kestral2040 193

I did add 2 copies of Cocky and it has worked out well. I'm also running 2 copies of Exploit. I think I removed the Risky Moves, one Well Connected and one Skilled Tracker. That being said, I think the other villain mill deck I made I actually like better (eSly/Jabba/Nute)

General Vatutin 26

Thank for the reply!

General Vatutin 26

@martinsmudge decklists?