Infinite - Boba/Ciena - 5-1 at Milton Keynes GQ

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I don't think I'm alone in having Boba Fett - Deadly Mercenary as my favourite character in all of Star Wars. I mean c'mon.. the jetpack, the armour, the fact that he has only a handful of lines in the whole saga (yes I know his demise was less than impressive..) So as much as I wanted to try Palpatine - Unlimited Power and that damn holocron in the infinite format I decided to try and build a deck around my favourite character instead.

I've tested the deck with both the Shadow Caster and the Firespray-31 and whilst the Shadow Caster has the better dice it is a lot slower and more expensive to ramp up. The Firespray's power action is the key to this deck being so successful. You can easily have three mods on it by the end of the second round. Yes I know, Boba's special on a 6 side Shadow Caster die feels amazing but its still a great feeling hitting it with that 4 as well.

The other thing I love about this character pairing is that you don't really care who your opponent targets first, I'd say Ciena Ree - Adept Pilot is the priority since her reset with a fat vehicle is brutal but in this deck Boba has essentially 3 damage sides and a resource side which always comes in useful. Just make sure if Ciena's health is getting low you get your vehicle activated and then the reset done before she dies.

In terms of events, 20 is a lot however only 6 of those are pure removal. The rest are mostly designed to maximise your dice and turn as much as you can. Tactical Mastery and Partnership will really hit your opponents hard particularly if you get a good roll with either a Boba special or all your mod and vehicle dice matching the same symbol (either ind or ranged).

You ideally want to mulligan for a Logistics or Truce turn one as well as one of the dice based mods (Laser cannon is in there really just to beef then numbers up). Once its down most of your removal is free allowing you to at least get one or two resets using the Ciena power action. With most meta based decks now running lower health pools its hard for most decks to go toe to toe for three rounds against a 'fat Firespray' that you can essentially get 5/6 activations off.

Its only loss was in a mill match, that of itself came down to a dice roll. I rolled out the Firespray with 3 mods and thought I don't care what these dice are as long as I can resolve them to reset after.. unfortunately I rolled the +3 range and a load of blanks! Was still delighted with a 5-1 from a deck I was really only playing based on my love for the world's greatest bounty hunter..

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