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This is the review of my Separatist Support Deck that got me 6-2 (9th in Swiss) and to 12th after the top at the UK Grand Championships 2019. Being honest I built it as a thematic deck for our regular night originally using the separatist conspiracy plot. I did enjoy potentially having an 8 card hand or drawing later in the round but I found for what I wanted to use it for (Supports) I needed the extra dice that Count Dooku - Devious Strategist offered. Turns out I was right in what it brought. Every side is so useful that can be used to great effect (1 focus is probably the most underwhelming side).

Each character complements the other two to control and annoy opponents. Nute Gunray - Separatist Viceroy is purely used for his disrupt, hopefully he can roll it or it can be focused into it. Dooku is just getting extra value out of cards. For example let the hate flow is a below average card but being able to play the card and force an opponent to discard is brilliant value, especially when it’s your opponents last card and they can’t re-roll the blank. Then Wat Tambor - Techno Union Foreman gets you extra value out of all your support dice.

I generally didn’t get many supports down during a game, so having Wats PA was a bonus. Fang fighter, Tie Fighter and Hailfire were all added the morning of the event as I was unsure with some stuff I had. Thoughts for the formers were because of their ambush ability which did prove to be massive! I did run Planetary Bombardment before but found it difficult to generate the money and could resolve the resource side when I did finally play it, so I took them out. I will be looking at swapping some of the supports around now that I have had some reps with it. Never managed to get the Vader's Fist down once, I only own one so only run one.

Events were pretty solid. I would get rid of Beguile as it slowed my ramp. Would look at other cheap cost blue, maybe At Odds.

Flames of the Past was huge, given the abilities of Nute and Dooku, I used it in pretty much all my matches when I had it available. I would definitely look at a second. Pulverize is also a key card, giving me flexibility on all my different damage sides.

I know I didn’t get the most out of the deck and I believe more testing would have made it more effective! I would definitely add Count Dooku's Lightsaber.

Any feedback would be great, thanks

Here are the games and from what I can remember from them...

Game 1 - Jonathon Begin (Snoke/Watto/FOST) W Jonathon struggled to generate resources. Nute doing his part. The only support he managed to play was MBT which I Flames'd it. Fang ambush worked really well.

Game 2 - Tom Down (Phasma/ePiett) W

We both played mega blasters early. Tom using Piett to turn dice effectively he was my first target. Fang Fighter Wat combo being strong once again.

Game 3 - Jason Cheung (Palp/Watto) W

Nute controlled well. Dooku just rolled sticks and was ruthless. Had down a mega and senate chamber, flames on Force Wave

Game 4 - Chris Hudson (Snoke/Watto/FOST) W Chris didn’t roll great but when he rolled something I managed to removed what was needed. He vandalised a support early, Which then put me on the back foot. Pulverised saved the day, killing Snoke with a Riot shield stopping his ability to focus. Wat PA helped! Well done for making the top four Chris.

Game 5 - Matthias Lund-Anderson (Kit/Satine/BTL) W

Matt used Kits ability really well to block damage, which was clever as he used upgrade dice to block which left his to fatal blow Dooku who went down early. I played two Megabasters and managed to pulverise kit and sink some into Satine, rolled out 2nd mega for the kill. Listen to Matt in episode two of our podcast on the mechanics of his deck and why he picked Kit Fisto over other Jedi.

Game 6 - Kayne Harrison (Palp/Watto) L First loss, always dread playing Kayne as he always manages to psych me out, next time I’ll wear noise cancelling headphones. If you know, you know haha. Crazy ramp with 1 and 2 costs. Fatal Blow Nute for 8. Bacta twice, tough to get close. Listen out for Kayne on episode 2 of our podcast.

Game 7 - David Payton (Palp/Watto) W

Win on damage, Very controlling game, vigilance back to back. Paid two resources to play beguile on dice that weren’t troubling as I knew there was a high chance his last card was his Bacta, discarded Bacta from Dooku PA, Flames on a Force storm that was discarded from Nute ability. Separatists working together.

Game 8 - Simon Harvey (eWatto/Wat/Talzin) L Finally got the chance to play Simon and wow he destroyed me. I always fell behind from the beginning, he controlled my resources well and I couldn’t control his ramp. 13 damage in one roll was more than enough to win the game for him. Well done for making the top 8 Simon!

Top 16 - Iain Barnard (eLeia/eYoda) L 0-2

All night I panicked about this deck and was I right to. It was probably the worst match up for me and playing a player as good as Iain made it so much more difficult. I probably made the biggest mistake in going for Yoda, I have no idea why I did as the pre match discussion was to kill Leia if possible. Game 2 was much closer but I fell into the trap discarding down to one card in hand for No Answers to finish me off. Iain played really well though and there is a pre and post match interview available with him on our podcast.

You can find the podcast on Spotify and iTunes under Scruffy Looking Dice Rollers, or you can head to our website to listen and download directly.

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