Scylla and Kharibdyss

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Nukemouse 20

This may be the greatest tag team in all of history, the two greatest podracers to ever live, side by side. Sebulba can help trigger Sebulba Always wins, set up some cash on the Freighter or power up LR-57 combat droid. Vader slaps people.

Now slightly improved, it hopefully has a little bit of staying power. It no doubt lacks the speed the two fastest men to ever live deserve, but i think that may be the fate of any deck that relies on so many supports.


Izzy2x 124

I think if you're going to have so many supports, you should lose the upgrades. Slim that down to 2x WotF and 2x DVL. I would include Fear and Dead men for 3 wides and something to deal with bounty's as well. I would add in doubt and I thought you were my friend and probably remove clash.

Nukemouse 20

You have some points! I think i'll just ignore bounties until next set though, where Breaking Bonds might come in useful as more and seemingly better downgrades enter the game. Putting back Doubt, running Fear and Dead Men and I'm now trying "Lack of Faith". I dont really want to track down a second Darth Vader's Lightsaber (i havent even got one yet!) and im somewhat concerned about drawing duplicates. However i might run a Darksaber, so i have a similar card to DVL in the deck, and one with Redeploy too.