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Artificery 2299

This is the deck that Vika piloted to the final table at Worlds. See the write up at https://artificery.com/vikas-worlds-runner-up-report/ !


BananaCrapshoot 80

I’m curious what lead Vika to his discovery of delve/fist that others had missed. Since he’s the self proclaimed father of that combo, I was just looking for maybe his inspiration behind it.

BananaCrapshoot 80

Basically I want to know what he saw that others had missed, since no one ever delved a fist before him

Vika 44

What I saw was that Fist alone was reason enough to play Delve, in every single Blue/Yellow Villain deck. Just look at the Hyperloops and Your Destiny Gauntlets. It was not a staple. Your Destiny did not even have Delve in their Jabba/Wat/SM build. Now it is 100% standard, in all decks, as I've been doing for a long time. Our Patrons who watched the videos and decklists I put out were 6 months ahead on this stuff, which is an eternity. Maul/Watto was Delve/Fisting for us from the start of SOH for example.

It's not that Delve and Fist were never seen together, but previously the Delve package would include Planetary Bombardment, and decks with Fist would often not include Delve without other high cost supports. Even now, many 4-Lom builds include additional Delve targets like the Siege Cannon, so some still view Delve as requiring more targets than just Fist.

thebookerman 21

Wait, what? Without wanting to sound disrespectful, Delve/Fist has been happening since Fist came out. Talzin/Beckett builds had it in as the first 4 cards - and won some regionals (at least here in UK).

It was literally the first deck I built when ATG was released - anybody claiming it as their own discovery is just not correct.

Echo7 316

@thebookerman you're right that people have been delving fists since Day 1 of AtG - I remember people talking about the Delve Package as an Aphra staple, plus yourdestiny did an early analysis of a Delve/Fist/Talzin/Beckett deck (http://yourdestiny.dk/blog/etalzinebeckett-fist-deck-analysis).

However, I think @Vika's point is that it hasn't been a shoe-in standard, with support decks moving away from Delve in many places due to it's situational play - sometimes you just aren't holding the pieces - while he's stuck firmly to it and been rewarded with a runner-up spot in World's for his trouble.

Also, @Vika wasn't taking credit for it: @BananaCrapshoot was the one doing that attribution.

hinkbert 21

FYI @Vika takes credit in his tournament write up. That’s the reason @BananaCrapshoot asked the question.

BananaCrapshoot 80

@thebookermanhe calls himself the father of delve fist in his article

BananaCrapshoot 80

@rogue6548he calls himself the father of delve fist in his article

Echo7 316

Ah, OK, sorry @BananaCrapshoot, my bad - I was only looking at the comment here for context.

thebookerman 21

@BananaCrapshoot, then perhaps he should amend his article. hahaha.

thebookerman 21

@rogue6548 - that reworked decklist and article appeared shortly after I played Claus on TTS with something very similar. I'm happy to say that is truth, but in no way would I claim to be "the father of Delve/Fist"... :-)

This is all taking away from @Vika's achievement, which is unfair. Congratulations to you for an impressive performance! Finalist at Worlds is an amazing achievement.

Vika 44

Perhaps better wording is that I've made it standard, since "father" leaves a lot open for personal interpretation. I suspect we'll now see R2-D2 the support in the majority of Chopper builds moving forward, and although I'm sure some have tried it before, I feel it would be correct to say that Andrew has now made it standard. In the same way, I feel over the past 6 months I've made Delve/Fist standard for all Blue/Yellow Villain decks.

Again, go look at the Your Destiny guantlet page, even now they don't have Delve in their Jabba/Wat/SM list, because for 99% of players (prior to our Gencon list) you would only run Delve if you're running bad cards like Planetary Bombardment. Meanwhile, while some couldn't see it's value in decks like Jabba, we were using it everywhere, including aggro non-support decks like Dengar/Ventress and Maul/Watto.

Echo7 316

@Vika that all makes sense. And sorry for getting involved here in a disagreement which has nothing to do with me or with your amazing performance - I watched your games in the semis and in the final and they were excellent - congratulations again on the superb play and your achievement.

Vika 44

@rogue6548No worries, everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I think any deckbulding discussions are positive things. I wouldn't be surprised if there are a few mad scientists out there who have been using the combo in every deck possible since the start of ATG. I do feel like I've made it standard practice though.

DarthTarso 1

I am your father.

destinyspb 98

@Vikawhat's your opinion on Separatist Embargo and No Good To Me Dead? Did you test them? Why didn't they make the cut in the final list?

Vika 44

@destinyspbI haven't tested Separatist Embargo enough to have a real informed opinion on it, but my gut says that I don't love it, which is basically why I haven't tested with it much. Some people love it though.

No Good to Me Dead is an amazing card, but because I played so many 1 cost cards I didn't need quite as much ramp, and was happy using Delve as my ramp spike to get up to Megas and Fists. I didn't want to go beyond 4 ramp cards (2x Delve, 2x DoA), but I could see maybe see No Good to Me Dead slotting in over DoA. I liked being able to auto keep DoA in my opening hand or play it off the top with SM round 1, but after round 2 it was pretty dead, so I could see some preferring No Good to Me Dead. If you wanted 5 or 6 ramp cards, they would slot in for sure. I basically never tested it in the deck though as I never really felt 'poor' so kept with 4 ramp cards. I also didn't settle on 4-Lom fully until about a day before flying out, ha. I brought NGTMD with me though, which says something.

shaka2u 1

Not claiming father status, but delve fist was in my list for last years regionals. Nothing new by any means. I also used it for firespray as well before the DM world.

DelveThenFist 1

I never wanted this to happen. Being in the spotlight, putting my family out there for the community to harass; these were the last things I would want. But I can no longer sit back and allow my father to be harassed so blatantly by this cynical community.

Yes, Vika is my father.

Many have claimed me as their son. For months I have quietly watched others take credit for a thing they do not deserve. Sure they might have used me once at locals, jumping in joy each time they threw down a Fist. Or maybe they even went so far to take me to that backwoods Regional where only 11 people showed up. Does that make me their son? Hell. No.

Vika has been there for me since day one and he has never left. He has taken me all over North America, playing in Regionals and Galactic Qualifiers running me day in and day out. No other player has been there like my father has, and no player will ever replace him or take away his claim of me.

Vika 44

Thanks DelveThenFist, haha. Also, as some back up for my claim (copied from the reddit thread):

Here are a couple videos from start of July. Everyone was saying Maul was awful in the discord so I sat down and recorded two quick games with him, dropping Fist round 1 both times. Obviously a bit lucky, since you can't drop Fist without drawing it, but the gist here is that we've been going hard for turn 1 Fists in all types of builds for a long time. Hopefully these links work, and aren't behind any kind of password/patreon type thing. Looks like this was from before the TTS mod was updated too.



MaulTalzin 1

@DelveThenFist Wait a damn minute. I thought @Vika Was my daddy?!!! Why didn’t mom tell me he had another family?! This is some bullshit.

Mr_Chip 58

We are investigating who is the father (or mother) of Delve Deathfield. Currently, Mr. Deathfield is an injury attorney living in Pennsylvania. I, myself, am the father of discarding a card in your hand to reroll one of your dice. The Thunda is step-father to the 5 card mulligan... and vaping during podcasts to sound like Darth Vader. Banana claims to be involved in the creation of including 30 cards in your deck. He also has a patent on giving one word answers to incredibly complex questions about Destiny. Hinkbert was solely responsible for giving birth to a cup and then putting dice inside, shaking it, and rolling it into a collapsible snap-together diaper. Handlebar is CEO and Majority Shareholder of “Star Wars with ‘Staches”- a not-for-profit to promote the health benefits of playing Destiny with facial hair. Krysis is the best friend of playing Desperate Measures on a rolled in Megablaster Troopers (got em!). Junker owns the concept of playing unique characters single-die (called “beyonce-ing”) and Sam heretofore and thereafter will be referred to exclusively as Tenderloin Vader Snatch (c 2019). Lastly BATMANDERSON has filed for trademark on his new Star Wars Destiny tournament format - Icelandic - which can be used instead of swiss - and is exactly the same except you need to talk like Bjork during your match or you cannot assign shields to your characters. Edgy has yet to come forward as giving birth to anything yet. (Note: BATMANDERSON originally called his new format Norwegian until he learned Bjork didn’t live there.)

Fromper 130

Did you ever consider Stap Droid instead of some of your other 1 cost damage dice? The damage is indirect, but I like that they work with General Grievous - Droid Armies Commander's Power Action.