Spain Grand championship Winner 2019

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Frikipe 154

Finished 6-2 on the Swiss, was 82 People with 5 byes. All the 6-2 pass to tops, and a previous round before a top 8 leaving 4 decks directly into the top and 4 games for the other spots.

I've decided to attend the grand championship with this deck the day before after play diferents pods, seems was a good choice.

Round 1 - Bye of a prime

Round 2 - Vader-Greedo (WIN)

This was a lucky round as i got 17 damage on round 2 by a F&DM on 4 melee, another 4 melee and 1 from greedo, a forsaken on a vader dice and dejavu'ed forsaken for the 2 dices on round 3 give me the win after a climate and 0-0-0 damage leaving my sentinel with 1 life.

Round 3 - Aphra-Sentinel-Phasma - Grand design (LOSE)

The same guy of the finals and was as all the maches a close one, leaving his phasma at 1 life and losing to a scorched earth, i've taken a bad decission with a desperate that maybe made me lose this match.

Round 4 - Reylo (LOSE)

This is a perfect matchup for this deck as they can't stop my supports but the 2 fists and the megablasters on my last 7 cards made it very dificult to stop the reylo melee and shield generation.

Round 5 - 4Lom-Grievous-Sentinel (WIN)

This game went smoothly for me, perfect draw (DM,Probe,mitigation) good rolls, and finishing the game on turn 3-4

Round 6 - Aphra-Grievous-Sentinel (WIN)

Mirror and i was the luckiest as i draw and play the fist soon, heading on damage all the game.

Round 7 - 4Lom-Grievous-Sentinel (WIN)

Playing vs Arturo a good friend that was training with me the 2 weeks before the championship. We both know the each other deck perfectly and i was the luckiest one on rolls and draw, finishing turn 4.

Round 8 - C3po-R2-d2-Chopper (WIN)

I was able to drop the droids on turn 1 and the fist on turn 2, killing one droid on turn 2 turning the game on my side after that.

Previous top round - Obi - R2D2 (WIN)

From 5 to 12 we have to play a previous round, I was scared for the power of 3 melee sides r2 can obtain on OBI's dices as I cannot mitigate them with my cards but I could kill R2 soon on turn 2 and only obi with not very good luck on the rolls cannot damage out so much as Vader fist and bad droids.

Top 8 - Aphra-Grievous-Sentinel (2-1)

Another mirror versus DaniHerrero, one of the best players in Spain, the first match was a lose as he won the fist race and negates my bubbles with an embargo. The second match was for me as he has to dm an early deja-vu and cannot run out from the megablasters and fist, but was a close one finally. The third match was similar to the second one but with the 4 dm used on fists and megablasters, I could land early the bad droids and close the game with about 4 health left. Very close games all the 3 the mirror is a nightmare on taking decisions about what to dm or not.

Top 4 - C3po-R2D2-Chopper (2-0)

Another top player from the Spanish scene Cristian, the 2 games was nearly identical with a pair of key facts on my side one on a fortunate rerolls till get the 3 melee on a BT to kill c3po on the second turn, and a pair of good picks with probe, this together with the good draws and playing the fists on turn 2 was enough to close the games.

Final - Aphra-Sentinel-Phasma - Grand design

Same guy I've played on Swiss and lose to him, another great player with a similar deck at least on the mechanics, the 2 games finished with about 1-2 health remaining before dms to fists, megablasters, etc controlling the indirect damage and bubbles turning both games on my side

The top 4 and final are online at twitch on yavincorruscant:


Orffme 70

Congrats! How many players?

cocobcn 1

Enhorabuena Felipe!

Orffme, there were 80 people

mrw0lf 76

Grande Felipe!

I lost against him on round 5 and I felt completely helpless from turn 1. A very good player, I honestly think that I didnt had a chance. It feels good though knowing that he did have a perfect draw, but I'm sure he would've win anyways.

Enhorabuena campeón!

PS:Me queda el consuelo de que en el Pod del día anterior conseguí derrotar a tus ewoks :D