LVO Grand Championship Top 4 -

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Vos is the Boss. eDryden Vos/Wat Tambor 0 0 0 1.0
Top 8 Team Covenant Prime - Dryden’s Pet Wullf 1 1 0 1.0
And You Get A Free Support!!! 0 0 0 1.0

Artificery 2269

Vos is the Boss. Tournament write-up or podcast to follow shortly.


TechNikkel 13

I watched this on stream as we drove home from LVO. Love the fact that you run zero dice mitigation. What a ballsy deck.

Dragon1000001 7

Hey, have you got the link for the stream? Would love to see this one in action

Agent Of Zion 372

Tournament write-up complete. @Dragon1000001it has timestamped links to the VODs within.

FragrantOlives 285

Congrats on the tourney run. Springfield, OH top 8 Dryden player here. Would you run Hailfire Droid Tank over Ground Battalion if you were playing Conan Motti - Overconfident Officer/Wullf Yularen - ISB Colonel?

Agent Of Zion 372

No, the ability to take the battlefield alone makes me prefer Ground Battalion. Theed, Bendus, Salt Flats, Fighting Pit, etc are all highly relevant.

The dream scenario with Hailfire where you get 2+ triggered damage off of playing it isn't something you can reasonably plan for and I don't think the second direct damage side outweighs the higher basic die output the ground battalion has.

I don't think the calculus changes much if at all no matter which red character you run.

siwelnivek 1

It seems like not including Deployment in this deck is just a crime.

Agent Of Zion 372

@siwelnivekAbsolutely not. Bad to hard bargain, bad to vos special.