3 Marauders and a Jawa (Entourage Gaming Tournament 5-0)

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P0em 381

Be on the lookout for a write-up on https://echobase.me/

Check out the finals match between me and Loopee (5 die droids) on the L8 Night Gaming YouTube channel.

L8 Night Gaming YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/l8nightgaming

Finals match direct link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFpZuvml13c


RebelTraitor 233

What do the cloud cars do? seems weird if you have no way of removing them

P0em 381

You play the Cloud Car using the action then the Jawa blows it up and gives you a dollar.

Echo7 316

The review of the deck is now up on echobase: echobase.me

MattArmstrong 1

I saw the most recent iteration had 2x Lotho Minor Junkers. Any other changes that you made for this week? And was the addition of LMJ worth it? Thanks!