Transformations Han Vader - echobase deck

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mrw0lf 76

Hey, I just played against you today and I won in extremis. However, after the game I noticed that I unintentionally cheated :(. I was playing RescueHan, Luke, Obi, eChewaca. However, after completing the mission, I flipped the plot and I made Han elite by mistake.

Anyway, your deck is amazing and I think is top tier, basically because the new Han is broken and Anakin + fateful is crazy too. Btw, I would add truce to surprise your opponents in the case you're missing a resource while there's a 3for1 or 4for1 showing :)

bmarcial 57

Awesome deck, I was reading the full deck review and you may already know this but it appears as per Gandork's rule review that the Darksaber on Vader does actually mean it's on a 20+ character. So the flip does change the character point.

Echo7 316

@mrw0lf that was a great game. You're quite right about your error, but it was a close one either way. I like the idea of a Truce, you can be light on resources if Han decides to roll damage instead of resources.

@bmarcial yes, I saw the ruling, but thanks for mentioning it - I've now edited the article accordingly. I find it an odd one as it doesn't quite fit how the RRG has been written, but I'm more than happy to go along with it - it means the worst side on the Darksaber can be resolved as 4.
The additional plus side is if you manage to defeat the opponent's character with Ani's first after ability, the second after ability doesn't do him any damage but still hits the opponent for two (as we're considering him to be a different character, so 'this character' no longer applies to him).

RoAr 11

Just wondering, do you gain enough shields to use Nullify effectively?

I know you get some from Anakin's Saber, and eject, but does it feel like reliable removal?

Just wondering because the Anakin deck i was looking at was Anakin/Bail/Profitable, and am unsure on Nullify, even with Anakin's saber and Jedi Sabers in there