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Norman 13

TL;DR version: Choose Tarfful, beatdown, repeat.

With the 4/14/21 Holocron released, Wookiees gain a bit of relative strength in the meta despite losing Kamino Cloning Facility. This deck capitalizes on the strong damage output you can put out early while maintaining survivability through Valorous Tribe, Run to Safety, and Veteran of War. Admiral can be your finishing blow in many cases as well. You're 99.99% of the time choosing Tarfful to bring in via Wullf, so you'll have two targets for Admiral in the endgame.

A few notable points... Bringing in Tarfful elite requires you to take 14 damage. If you got the shields, put them both on the Kashyyyk Warrior. Take 6 damage on the KW (8 if you have shields) to turn on his rage power first turn. you'll probably split the remaining damage either 3-5 on Tar / Wullf, or 2-4 if you had the shields. Against mill, Ackbar, or ramp, though, you probably put 6 straight up on Tarfful to turn on his rage turn 1 and pay close attention in case you need to move damage off of him with VT.

In your opening hand, you're likely wanting to see an Ax or Quicksilver Baton, sometimes keep Veteran if you don't have other 2cost upgrade, most of the time keep Padme ship unless against yellow villain and you have concerns about DM, always keep Small Battles Won, almost always keep Reap, sometimes keep Fortitude (that's debatable). Baton is a typical open on Wullf, followed by a roll-in of the Warrior. The Baton die, unless it's blank, can either resolve on its own or with a Kashyyyk Warrior melee die. Then roll in Wullf to get the extra value.

If you have a Padme ship in hand instead or as well, you likely should choose to activate the Wookiee Warrior as your first action unless your resources are immediately threatened. This can even bait your opponent into using removal against a 3-melee payside, which you'll probably feel fine about if they remove it. But what you're really looking for is a resource side so you can get out the Padme ship. It is, as my bud Mawloc likes to say, the "low-key best card in the deck." You're feeling really good if you can safely deploy the Padme ship and start gaining value from it turn 1, especially the resources. Grabbing the 2 resources turn 1 to get out another upgrade is living the dream.

Otherwise, there's a bit of judgment calls to be made in how to proceed turn 1. Against heavy aggro (common these days) Run to Safety is a HUGE card for the deck and you might choose to keep that in the opening hand sometimes.

I can't lecture about how to use VT correctly, you'll just have to figure that out yourself. You'll probably make mistakes at first, but whatever.

This deck has a pretty high damage ceiling and can often enough dish out 8-12 on round 1 while still building board state. In the endgame, you're looking for the opportunity to Admiral reset Tarfful or Wullf with multiple upgrades. Go to town, it's a FUN deck to play.

Particular credit to my man Ecomode for inspiring parts of the deck, and to others for giving it the time of day. And to quote Lanza after he saw me choose this deck for an Arti top cut, "What in the holy hell?" Yeah that's right. Eat my wookiee.


Norman 13

To be clear, I still lost to Lanza in that top cut...

Entourage Gaming - Lanza 339

Leave it to Norman to write a essay on a Wookiee deck

Rainmaker 46

I appreciate a layout of exactly what to do and when to do it. Much appreciate