Sword and Shield

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marksizzle 686

This is my take on the Jedi Academy and Training Day decks floating around online. I win a majority of games played with this deck, but it is definitely not perfect. I just recently went 4-0 in a 21 person OP kit tournament with this deck.

I originally started this deck when the game released. First it was Rey, Padawan, Padawan. Then I moved to Qui-Gon, Rey, Padawan and now I've finally settled on eQui-Gon, eRey. The reason for this is flexibility and forcing your opponent to make tough choices.

OVERALL GOAL: Let your opponent choose which character they are going to focus on first. If they choose Rey to hit first then you'll be leveraging shields and Qui-Gons ability along with melee damage. If they focus fire on Qui-Gon first then you'll want to just slow that down with shields (don't use Qui-Gon's ability) and load up Rey and dish out the punishment.

INITIATIVE: You are looking to go second ALWAYS. Having elite versions of these characters gives you a solid chance at winning initiative roll. Evaluate your opponents characters and battlefield, but in most cases you will choose to go second. Put two shields on Qui-Gon. This gives him 13 effective health. Which is a lot to chew through, especially considering you'll get more shields throughout the game. So if you're opponent wants to go after him first, great. It will be a grind in most cases. If he doesn't, that's great too because now you will have tons of room to do shield damage and load up upgrades with Qui-Gon.

MULLIGAN: Cards to look for on your mulligan are - Jedi Robes, It Binds All Things, Force Training, Rey's Staff. Events like Deflect, Defensive Stance, and Take Cover are okay to keep if you're facing a ranged deck (Hi Jango Veers), but otherwise you want just those upgrades.

1ST ROUND PLAYS: If you have It Binds All Things you're looking to play that and then drop into a blue upgrade as a result. Usually you'll want to put that upgrade on Rey. This gives her more dice, a bonus action, and it entices your opponent to go after Rey first.

Another great play is Jedi Robes to give two shields to Qui-Gon. If you went second then he already has two shields which means you're doing 1 damage and he'll have three shields. This is great spot to be in. If you have two Jedi Robes in that opening hand don't be afraid to replace your first Jedi Robes with a second one. It's free, and will generate two more shields, and you can get a free damage off of it.

MID/LATE PLAYS: In the middle of the game you'll be aiming to have Lightsabers and maybe Rey's Staff or Force Training on Rey. You want her loaded up so that she is dangerous and is a priority target, but you're not losing too much when she is killed off. This also helps you set up One with The Force. When you feel Rey is going to be killed soon, swap out an upgrade for a One with The Force. Use it as soon as you can and resolve the die as soon as you can because when Rey dies that card will come back into play READY for use again as a support. If you can get two of them on her, even better.

As for Qui-Gon in the mid/late game you'll just want to proceed with the upgrade ramp on him. Move up to Force Throw or Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber etc. all while pestering your opponent with "shield damage" and melee damage. Don't be afraid to play One with The Force on Qui-Gon late as well if Rey is already gone.

BLOWOUT CARDS/PLAYS: This deck has a lot of potential for plays that come out of nowhere. I'll list a couple of the more popular ones.

"Shield Damage" can be done with Riposte, Take Cover, Defensive Stance, and Jedi Robes.

Willpower is great for when you need "just one more damage" and it absolutely comes out of nowhere. It's more like a two health swing as well since it moves 1 damage from you character to an opponent's character.

If you have one or both of your One with The Force out in play and roll the 2 focus or 3 focus sides then you can play All In. This is absolutely devastating to an opponent as they are usually planning your moves 2-3 turns ahead and then you come and do everything in one go. You can use the focus on the One with The Force to turn everything to damage, shields, or specials to unleash a serious beating on your opponent.

TIPS: You're always looking for damage or shields when you roll. Occasionally resources depending on your current situation (perhaps you have a lot of upgrades in hand).

Don't be afraid to use the damage as soon as you get it! It's always better to get sure damage in there before the opponent can mitigate your dice or put up shields. It creates psychological pressure too when you are seemingly being relentless by hitting your opponents characters over and over with damage in the same round.

If going against eJango eVeers go very fast. It's okay if Jango uses his ability early because he has little to no upgrades. Just keep picking away at him over and over.

Priority targets will depend on the deck, but against anything with 2 characters I will go after whichever one has two dice (ie eKylo Vader go after Kylo). If the dice are equal, just try to decide who is going to hurt you early on in the game and go after that character.


Drink Blue Milk 100

Great write up thanks!

Aorakis 4

I played, a similar deck (just that i have only 1 "one with the force" and "Force throw"

And i have to say. even if, yes i'm a newbie, i've been punched hard 2 times by Jango-Veers yesterday. Seems like i can't do anything against those big 6, 8 ranged, and constant damage.

Jango, even if i like him, is way too much ennoying (i know tons of newbies are saying that) but he's not in most of top tournament list for nothing. Basically, having a free activation (on a character that can real fast get at leat 2 weapons on him, is way too much O.P)

This said, i like playing Qui-Gon Rey and puting shields.

I just found it, not efficient enough for the current meta. Rey doesn't deal enough damage, and most of the time you're like (ok i need to put shield on her, i need to put shield on... damned she's dead...)

I hope this kind of archetype is going to be boosted as the game advance.

I just manage (with a lot of luck coz of my opponent rolls), to bet a Han-Rey that has like 2, 3 actions per turn.

Cheers and good job ! I still like shields, i just hope they get better later on.

Salem 1

Thank you for your write up. Why Mos Eisley Spaceport ? I don't understand the trick ? Is it just because you lose the initiative ?

Aorakis 4

@Salem i was wondering why too.

I guess, it might be, to grab an attachement from rey before she dies, so he can put it on Qui-Gon the next round, like a force-throw or stuff like that.

And as this battlefield has a lesser impact, it's a lesser pain to lost or win it.

Would be nice having the answer from Marksizzle.

I like Light side Shielding decks, but i might not have the experience required to play those well.

I'm better has Dooku-eGrivious and eJango-Troopers for exemple. less brain more blast and sabers ^^

marksizzle 686

@Salem @Aorakis Hi there - I chose this battlefield because it is low impact. I typically prefer to go second so I can get those 2 shields on Qui-Gon from the start. However, if for some reason I don't like the opponents battlefield then taking this one most likely won't do much for my opponent or myself.

If we do go with my battlefield, yes, the main use would be to pop anything up off of Rey (or Qui-Gon, depends who's dying first) that isn't a Lightsaber or One with The Force.

Getting a lot of play testing in will definitely help with this deck because there are some tricky decisions and plays you can make as opposed to just rolling for damage as @Aorakis said.

marksizzle 686

As an update to this I went 2-1 last night. We cut our 4th round short because it was getting late. I won against Jabba Dooku and Qui-Gon Rey Padawan. Lost to Han Hired Gun Hired Gun.

I made a big mistake taking his battlefield Emperor's Throne Room. My thinking was he will probably Hyperspace Jump anyway to get to his battlefield so I might as well use his and get the two shields at the start of the game. Boy, was I wrong. I think I counted 5 times where I had some serious damage showing and he was pretty much done for the round; then he realized he could claim that battlefield, resolve Jetpack's special, and remove one of my dice to drop the damage significantly.

I also made a very aggressive play round 1 where I killed one Hired Gun but it cost me 3 shields by the way of Riposte which opened up Qui-Gon for a beating. In retrospect that was a very uncharacteristic move of my deck and I. I wouldn't do that again. Also, absolutely hats off to my opponent, because he played fantastic and made all the right moves all game long.

Aorakis 4


Yeah that's what i thought about that battlefield. It's a reasonnable choice. Low impact is nice as some battlefield can dish out nasty combos or effect.

About the experience, i'm sure i'm far from being used to play this one and the "shielding decks" but i found them overall a bit less powerfull than those big 1st tier deck.

I like qui-gon but for now it's hard for those two, as grievious-dooku nor jango-veers nor jango troopers can apparently dish out some nasty damage real fast. And i dont speak about Vador-Raider nor Luke-Ackbar that are aggro too.

It's mainly, i found, hard to find the balance between "ok i have to shield myself" and "well if i shield up, i can't do damage" and well.. making damage is how we mainly win the game.

hard choices as you said.

petejohnwilson 1

In my experience, not putting two copies of Force Misdirection in your mono-Blue deck is a mistake. Considering that cutting one copy of that card is the only change you made to the Training Day deck, I would say you just made it slightly worse.

ScottExPA 256

Two things to comment on.

First in regards to One with The Force, the die will stay in the your pool even when it moves to being a Support. So to get max value out of it you only need to make sure it gets into the pool, you do not have to make sure that you spend it before the attached character dies. Just make sure you spend it before you activate it as a Support.

Secondly, I'd worry about Mos Eisley Spaceport in the Han Solo/Rey match up. That deck gets really going when they can play Holdout Blaster on Rey every turn to allow Han to roll and resolve before you can mitigate anything. Given that Han/Rey has a slightly better battlefield roll you could run into instances where they can deny you your opening shields whIle also still having access to their preferred trick.

Ilyestes87 1

hi ive got one question....is it right to deal 1 dmg with Take Cover ? Because qui gons ability says " remove 1 shied to deal 1 dmg...". So when he has 0 shields and you play take cover it shouldnt be possible right?

Honda 89

@Ilyestes87, you can deal 1 dmg with Take Cover into Qui-Gon Jinn, but only if Qui-Gon Jinn has at least one shield because he needs to remove a shield BEFORE he gets a new one in order to do damage.

marksizzle 686

Hey @petejohnwilson thanks for the feedback. As I stated in my first paragraph I've been playing different forms of this deck since the game released and my versions have evolved into this. I realize it is very similar to Training Day so I made sure to link that deck in my post because I don't want to act like I'm some hot shot and take anything away from the great Training Day deck that was posted.

@ScottExPA actually you can get a second use out of the card. If you get it into your pool, resolve the die, then that character dies, it moves to support, and it becomes ready. This means that, yes, you can use it again. So if you "play your cards right" (I'll see myself out), then you can use One With The Force twice in one round which can be devastating to an opponent.

@Ilyestes87 in regards to your question, @Honda provided the right answer.

Double Blanks Gaming- Jay 2232

Have you considered having two force protections? Just curious ! Looks like a great list!

TheoGrizz 29


What @ScottExPA is saying is that you do not need to resolve the die before the character dies. When One With The Force becomes a support, the die stays where it is. If the die is in your dice pool, it stays there and you can still use it. THEN it goes back onto One With The Force, which is still ready, and can still be used a second time.

Basically, it doesn't matter if you resolve the die before or after the character dies, you still get to use it twice.

nickthebug7777 1381

Why not include two Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber? I know Luke's saber is unique but it is one of the best cards in the deck along with One With The Force and including the second one greatly increases your odds of getting one early (17% to 31% in your opening hand).

Also, have you tried Echo Base - Hoth as your battlefield? I find that it works like Separatist Base - Mustafar when you have shields on Qui-Gon Jinn except you choose where the damage goes and your opponent can't use it.

Just a thought. -NickTheBug7777