Endless $wag 2.0 - SC winner @ JustPlayGames - Liverpool

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BeNNyBiLL 581

Here is a deck that just keeps on delivering. Winner of the JustPlayGames SC in Liverpool 27/05/2017. This was my second Destiny tournament and my second win using this archetype. For an overview of what this deck is about, refer to the original Awakenings only list found here.

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The SoR expansion changed the game quite significantly. Fast decks got faster, aggro decks got more aggressive, mill decks actually got somewhat viable to play and this deck... well this deck went from being quite wealthy to disgustingly rich.


Swapped a Stormtrooper and the Tusken for a Tie Pilot and Bala-Tik. The pilot is a no-brainer. The pilot makes most of your other dice immune to removal effects. You should usually be rolling this character before the rest. Bala is not better than Tusken, but we can't afford the point cost now that pilot is in the list. Bala however enables the splash of yellow cards which is very important and why there aren't 2 pilots. Bala is also much more consistent the Guavian Enforcer. Avoid Guavian like the plague, the extra 1 hp ain't worth it for a bunch of potentially un-resolvable resource mod sides.

Battlefield has switch from Rebel War Room to Docking Bay. As before, claiming is rare, if ever. On average Rebel War room helps our opponent more than Docking Bay. In most games you still want to be second to get the shields, but with the amount of Supports in the deck we can combo with New Orders to deny an opponent a more useful battlefield (such as Emperor's Throne Room or Carbon-freezing Chamber for example) while granting a cheeky play from the discard pile.

Dropping most of the upgrades mainly to play around Imperial Inspection. Throwing in a stun stick for good measure because why the hell not!

By removing some upgrades and a few events, this list is able to cram in a whole plethora of efficient support cards.

Aftermath is my favourite SoR card and this list maximises its full potential. If you quickly do the after-math it works out that this card rewards you extra for playing endless ranks and it also triggers when you kill the opponents characters. And it costs 0 to play!

Salvage Stand really keeps your head above the water by choking your opponents board state through resource denial. There are plenty of sides to trigger this and again it costs 0 to play!

Supply Line is a great little card that will pay for itself quickly. The side is really useful too.

Slave I makes up for not having so many damage upgrades.

Air Superiority feels like one of the weaker cards in the list but I would be hesitant to change it. The extra shields can be really clutch for stalling out games and enabling a win.

Somewhat questionably there are now no removal events in the list. A choice made on the basis that all these action cheating fast decks don't often allow much space for removal and that focusing too heavily on control would disrupt the main game plan of weathering the storm of whatever they throw at you while building a huge board lead.

Cheat is now effectively the third copy of Endless Ranks!

Imperial War Machine acts as effectively doubling up the number of copies of Logistics you have available. They both net a raw resource value of 1. War Machine has the additional advantage of doing paid damage when on 0 resources which can catch opponents off guard.

Swiss Round 1 - eKylo/eVader

A favoured match-up for this deck. Anakin got Vibroknife down turn 1 which basically turned off all my shield cards, but as far as I was concerned that made pitching to re-roll choices easier. Bala took all the hits and died quickly but I was able to return the favour and kill Kylo in the early rounds. We both stalled the game at that point, myself with Endless ranks and my opponent with multiple Force Illusion and a Rise Again. Ultimately though my economy kept flowing and my stronger board state overpowered the young vader. 1-0

Swiss Round 2 - eAurra/Jango

I believe this was a direct netdeck of Aurra Unchained. I made the rare choice of going first this game to deny the Carbon-freezing Chamber. Aurra really hits hard. I was losing a character every round. Fortunately for me I had drawn into both copies of aftermath by my second turn. With the stupid level additional economy, affording endless ranks was easy and Aurra soon fell, leaving a very unforntunate Jango to fight on his own. By that point victory was assured. 2-0

Swiss Round 3 - ePoe/eMaz

In general Poe/Maz is regarded as one of, if not, the best deck going right now. It's funny how the most meta deck just so happens to be the hardest counter to this deck. My opponent didn't disappoint either. Round 1 I rolled 3 blanks then lost my entire hand to Poe + Launch Bay. Subsequently followed by a claim of Emperor's Throne Room to Poe + Thermal Detonator for 12 damage! @_@

Round 2 came the Poe + U-Wing for 8 more damage as well as him resolving his 3 damage side. By round 4 I was dead, Maz died but Poe had full health. A crushing defeat! 2-1

Swiss Round 4 - eUnkar/DT/FOST

I chose to mulligan my rifle knowing that I'm most probably playing against Imperial Inspection, along with my expensive cards to play around Unkar's ability. I ended up drawing endless ranks and speeder bike, which I wasn't best pleased about. I quickly roll a trooper. my opponent gets the turn they need to resolve Unkar's action but they decide to activate more characters instead. I take the opportunity to throw the endless ranks in the bin to re-roll leaving me with the speeder bike and 0 cost cards. By the time my opponent uses Unkar they hit a Confiscation for 0, putting me at an advantage.

Round 2 I draw a fresh hand of 4 zero cost cards and a single one cost card. The best hand I could ever hoped for. My opponent plays that imperial inspection I was expecting and then inevitably flops with Unkar getting 0 again. I leave Unkar on 1 hp going into round 3. I'm so far ahead at that point with character hp and board state that I sail to victory. 3-1

Top 4 First Round - eVeers/Night Sister/Guavian

These 7 character match ups were a dream come true when I was able to play Aftermath. My opponent re-rolled hard to get as much damage as possible each round. My deck did what it does best by sponging it all and returning the favour. My economy just gets out of control along with the amount of supports I have in play. There was little my opponent could do but watch as my characters came back to life and theirs stayed dead. 2 convincing victories gets me to the final.

Final - ePoe/eMaz

My old foe had come back to haunt me. I think its fair to say I was a huge disadvantage going into this final. I needed every last bit of luck I could muster. I win the initiative roll and chose my battlefield to reduce the damage Throne Room was causing me. How bad a decision that turned out to be. Sure as anything my opponent Thermal Detonates me with Poe, not a good start. Round 2 my opponent plays New Orders, gets their battlefield anyway and then claims to resolve both Poe specials. Then Planetary Uprising hits the table. I get steamrolled yet again and lose the first game.

Learning a few lessons, my opponent starts game 2 and I get 2 shield on Bala. Bala becomes my anchor tank, the character that will hold the crew together (and more importantly the one character with the most health such that the damage all effects keep a character alive for the longest time). My hand after a mulligan is junk. Again Poe doesn't disappoint and I get hit hard by a U-Wing. I use my entire hand to re-roll and find 6 damage which Poe gets a good taste of. I start losing characters round 2 as I see Rocket Launcher and Millenium Falcon. I hold onto a few resources and wiggle out 4 more damage leaving Poe on just 2, knowing that if I kill Poe I can stabilise the game vs Maz no matter how bad my board state is. I do exactly that, I may only have a very beaten up Bala left but I have Endless ranks in hand and the 2 resources next turn allow me to afford it. I win the second game, somewhat bemused at how I actually achieved a win, but with the only thought in mind mind being that I needed to repeat that performance.

Game 3. I win the roll and opt to go second (somewhat uncertain about the choice) but it allowed me to tank up Bala again with shields. My opponent plays the old Launch Bay trick to discard 4 cards from my hand. I am left with just Back-up Muscle in hand but reluctantly re-roll with it to ensure I get some damage done to Poe. Poe fights back hard and this time I'm able to get a few economy cards down but I'm really put on the back foot as U-Wing and Rocket Launchers start chunking away at all my hopes. To make matters worse, Maz manages to roll 2 shields to put on Poe and my opponent prepares for his own worse case scenario by playing a DL-44 on Maz. I push through every last bit of damage I can find while juggling the lives of 1 or 2 characters between playing endless ranks. Poe finally falls and I'm left with a 4 hp storm trooper to kill off my opponents 6 hp Maz. Those last 2 turns were the most nail-bitingly close turns of destiny I have experienced to date. We both find shields for our characters, but ultimately Maz ran out of resources with help from Salvage Stand, meaning that my opponent couldn't resolve his damage or play their removal effects. To finish, I drop a Tie fighter to find the last few damages and close out one very epic final.

All in all, this was a fantastic tournament. Props to the JustPlay team who run a really well organised contest and to all my opponents I had the pleasure of playing.


Chuftbot 439

I love these lists so goddamn much. Granted I've been on the Guavian train since SoR hit (which should probably change), but other than that mostly on the same page. Aftermath was an enormous buff.

I'm surprised you don't play Bait and Switch though! That card has been an enormous boost to my consistency with all the resource sides. Especially nice once you're already rich.

Congrats on the win!

JachPot 186

I love this write up and list. Good job, I will definitely give this deck a spin and give you some extra data points!

ordinaryjedi.ddu.network 834

Great deck. I never thought of dropping all the upgrades in favour of a ton of supports. It saddens me that you managed to win one over my Aurra Unchained deck (even though I had terrible luck with it last week - terrible dice rolls resulting in lots of resources but no damage). Maybe we can hit up TTS one day - would like to play against this.

BeNNyBiLL 581

Thank you for the kind words guys.

@Chuftbot I have only recently noticed you made a SoR version of my old list. I've had trouble recently viewing SWDestinyDB, I think my ISP was blocking my IP address to this site somehow? Good on you nonetheless! Personally I wouldn't play Bait & Swicth. It's a great aggro card, but these characters only get 2 damage from it and resolving resource sides is never a bad thing (probably better for you). There has yet to be a single game where I have been too rich. I'd rather include a card that solidifies the core strategy.

@rileyswd I don't own TTS. I play all my tabletop games face to face. I should really get it. I think its half price on the Humble Store right now so I have little excuse!

JeffVader 1

Congratulations on a well deserved win! I was at the same tournament and second your comments about the JustPlay team - they do run a great tournament and it's always fun to attend!

michaelius 8

Is Salvo too expensive to play here? Also I was thinking Attrition would be good in such a deck ?

BlaackSanta 3

Have you tried Battle Formation in your deck. Seems like an amazing addition.

BeNNyBiLL 581

@michaelius I think Salvo is a really cool card but the meta right now makes it hard to get great value from as 2 character decks are the most popular. It's also unlikely you will be able to resolve it for a value higher than 2. Attrition, on first glace, seems right at home in this deck. Unfortunately it doesn't pull it's weight. Compare it to Aftermath, it costs 1 extra to play, doesn't trigger from your opponents characters and it would be fair to value 1 resource higher than 1 damage. Sadly I don't see myself ever playing this card.

@BlaackSanta - Battle Formation is almost completely useless in a deck that claims to be the slowest ever deck. It's ability, that lets you re-roll some dice, is worse than just discarding any card to re-roll. All you are getting is the free ambush action, the added turn speed will be negligible and any important die results should already be guarded by Tie Pilot from removal effects. You want to have cards in the deck that actually strengthen your board state over simple tricks like Battle Formation.

Tybrid 922

@BlaackSantaTry it sometimes. This is the kinda deck that wants to still not have rolled at all by the time the opponent claims.

J1mbo 1

Why F11D rifles instead of holdout blasters? Ambush for action economy, still has redeploy and same cost. Granted the F11Ds have one more dmg side I guess, but you can play it and then rollout a character or support.

BeNNyBiLL 581

@J1mbo it was the extra damage sides that had me sold. It also let me put my Holdout Blasters on loan to a buddy for his Han deck which clearly utilises the ambush ability to greater effect. If you wanted to play the list yourself you can always add them back. I do prefer the F-11D's though.

cjnj193 265

So you commented in your original deck about not running AT-ST since it dies horribly to deflect and other removal cards, plus in awakenings supports were not really a thing. Have you thought about putting it back in since SOR?

BeNNyBiLL 581

@cjnj193 Excellent question. I certainly considered the card, but for similar reasoning to the previous list I chose not to play it. To get an idea on the thought process of such a decision, lets compare AT-ST with a card that did make my list, namely Slave I.

The first, and perhaps the biggest issue, is cost. A huge part of deck building in any card game that has resource management is understanding your cost curve. The expectation of how likely you will be able to afford the cards in the deck as you draw through it. This list has the luxury of being wealthy, but its resources are not infinite. Endless Ranks is the beating heart of this deck and you must be prepared financially to play it as it costs a whopping 5 resources. Right now, I feel the balance of card cost to resource gain is about spot on. Spending 4 resources on Slave I was often a positive action I could take with the increased economy gained from SoR. When I first tested the original awakenings list with AT-ST I found I could never afford to play it. And even if I could, spending 6 on an AT-ST can feel like more of a set-back than improving board state.

Another issue that comes with high cost cards is their vulnerability. I already mentioned how removal effects can really hurt these cards (and thus using many cheaper cards are somewhat guarded from this), and now Rocket Launcher is also an issue. Losing a 6 cost card hurts a lot more than a 4 cost card. Also consider their liability when sitting in hand. High cost cards don't just have to dodge around Kylo anymore, you also have Unkar to contend with. Engineering your hand becomes a big part of the game against these characters, and reducing card cost can help mitigate a catastrophic hit from their specials/abilities.

Raw stats wise, AT-ST simply increases all Slave I's damage sides by +1. The extra 2 resource cost for that +1 per side doesn't feel as cost efficient as the the extra +1 Slave gets compared to TIE Fighter for just 1 more resource. This alone makes the cost to raw stats of AT-ST inferior to Slave I. But the gap gets even further when you compare specials. Slave I has a great special, it does a variable amount of damage, but importantly it is still damage. One game I was fortunate enough to resolve it for 6 damage! AT-ST on the other hand has a situational special, which in almost all circumstances is either useless or warrants a re-roll because the damage sides would serve you better.

If that hasn't convinced you then I guess try playing AT-ST and see for yourself. I don't think AT-ST will be good until there is a decent way of cheating it out, which will involve a different style of deck entirely. Or you could go crazy and make an eFinn/Poe deck (but seriously though, don't do that! Maz is better).

cjnj193 265

To be completely honest I thought ATST was 5 cost lol

michaelius 8

I've played slight modified version which dropped Slave I inspired by this deck and is Confiscation actually useful ? I tossed it to rerolls every time I've got it. Also I never felt need to play Logistics despite going against 2 Unkar decks.

BeNNyBiLL 581

@michaelius I find Logistics to be a real MVP of the deck. It's a really strong early game tempo card. With just a single face showing and logistics, you have a turn 1 economy of 4 resources to spend. From that you could be dropping Underworld Connections, getting another resource and then dropping a Tie Fighter. That's simply a ridiculous round 1 board. Sure you will re-roll with it at times, more likely when the game is late on and you have enough resources, but it's all about the early game tempo. If I get one in my starting 5, I would not mulligan it.

Confiscation is not always useful, but it is necessary to comfortably destroy certain decks. In theory, you should be richer than your opponent, so don't be afraid to deny them paid upgrades. It's very effective vs redeploy upgrades, like Holdout Blaster. But by far its best use is for finding a backdoor vs Second Chance/Ammo Belt spam.

If you want to take my deck further than I have, then you need to add more cards that counter it's only unfavoured pairing (i.e. Poe/Maz). I personally think you need to find space for 2 x The Best Defense. Best Defencing both of Poe's dice in a round will dramatically increase the win rate in that pairing. I don't see any other card available that can guarantee both dice removed in the one action window after Poe is activated.

Blimblard_Blith 17

Have you tried Quadjumper to make your money for supports go further?

michaelius 8

`@BeNNyBiLL - removing 2 die from Poe is unlikely - they almost always play Fast Hands so we can only hope for 2 if they roll badly first. I think Flank and possibly Closing the Net but that second one would mostly work against PoeMaz and Palpitine.

Spartanlife74 1

This deck is super fun and deceptively good! I do have a question for you Ben. Do you ever choose your battlefield anymore to go first or do you just go for theirs to get shields to start the match? Also do you ever try to claim during a game?

Blimblard_Blith 17

@BeNNyBiLL thanks for the inspiration. I've built a variant and will be testing it out in league and tournament play in the next week. Let you know how it goes. swdestinydb.com

BeNNyBiLL 581

@Blimblard_Blith I haven't tried Quadjumper. It wouldn't be my choice but it's not a particularly bad card by any means. The list as it is has the cash flow it needs, so I'd rather keep a card that has damage or utility. The list you linked won't work until you make unpublished lists public in your account settings! Good look with your games :D

@michaelius I suggest you play more Poe/Maz games. If you see Poe/Maz in action you will likely find the window you need for The Best Defense... will present itself. Not always will Poe have Fast Hands and not always will the be willing to resolve dice other than - because lets face it, if they are resolving a non-special side its actually to your advantage! Probability wise then, Poe will roll a special (11/36), which is more likely he won't. That is the window to Best Def them. If both dice arn't removed simultaneously, then Maz will roll with a (20/36) chance of getting at least 1 . She then subsequently uses that focus to get a Poe special and resolve it, all in the same one activation action. This is why single dice removal cards are ineffective. Failing Maz, they may just claim Emperor's Throne Room anyway, so damned if you do, damned if you don't! The odds get worse when they play Hit and Run to activate both Poe and Maz, but they can't have all their tricks in one turn so you just have to take the hit. Best Defence is also ridiculously good against Palpatine too. Best Defence is so good post-SoR for all the reasons it was so bad in Awakenings. My Poe/Maz ride may have been a little more comfortable if I realised this sooner!

@Spartanlife74 glad you're enjoying it. I have dabbled with going first every now and then yet I have never conclusively found it to be in my advantage. Unless you can unequivocally justify that going first will be best for you in a certain match-up, chances are going second is the best way! As for claiming, once in a blue moon you finish all your actions before an opponent. In which case claim away. That situation doesn't present itself very often so I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes, an opponent may continually pass in waiting for the best opportunity to play a removal event. You can sometimes trick them into giving you claim of the battlefield if you bait their action at the right time. Try to foresee what they are holding out for.

michaelius 8

Played it again today - currently 6-0 with my no legends version :) But this time confiscation and logistics were MVP since I had bad luck with drawing Aftermath.

Tybrid 922

What would you pull to make room for the 2x Best Defense?

Spartanlife74 1

@Tybrid I pulled 2x air superiority for 2x best defense. I didn't use it much in my testing, and it costs the same as the best defense, so I felt it was best to cut it

BeNNyBiLL 581

@Tybrid I was thinking the speeder bike and one of either Imperial War Machine or Air Superiority.

Tybrid 922

@BeNNyBiLLSo if you absolutely had to remove the Z6 what would you replace it with? I'm currently running a second speeder bike in it's place.

BeNNyBiLL 581

@Tybrid well the Z6 would have previously been a Holdout Blaster. I'd choose that over another speeder bike.

Boondock 1

This is the best deck. This is the number 1 deck in the whole world...

"I will build a great, great wall of supports on our southern border, and I will have my opponent scratching their eyes out whilst paying for their ignorance of the wall. Mark my words."

Im nicknaming this deck the "Trump Administration"

ibrahack 1

This deck looks great! Thanks for sharing it. I don't own "Imperial War Machine", is there any other card you recommend to replace this one?


BeNNyBiLL 581

Your welcome @ibrahack. Imperial War Machine is a solid card, but the deck won't suffer without them. You have plenty of options. Personally, I suggest you replace it with The Best Defense... as it is really strong vs the current meta and is what I currently use when playing this archetype. Alternatively you could double up on the Z6 Riot Control Baton and Supply Line cards. Holdout Blaster is also an option. I'm not a big fan of playing too many removal cards but there is no harm in adding things like Flank, Doubt, Block or Dodge. Take your pick really!

iosefward 76

Have you done anything on working this into EaW? I've had a lot of fun with a deck based off of this using phasma/3 troopers. Next plan is to try a closer one with phasma/bazine/2 troopers so it'll be a little closer

BeNNyBiLL 581

I've not yet bought into the new set, haven't really had time to. Seems to me if you play Bazine & Phasma you will only have 2 non-unique characters, thus making Endless Ranks very easy for an opponent to play around. I imagine you would need to drop them and play other cards to bulk up the survival time of the characters.

Phasma, 3 trooper sounds good to me though. Losing the yellow hurts but its definitely playable. My gut feeling is $wag lists have only got weaker with EaW. Either way I threw a few cards together for you to compare with (Albeit untested, I don't publish anything that I don't have results for) swdestinydb.com