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ordinaryjedi 812

Changes in v7.0

Removed One-Quarter Portion x 2, Added Unpredictablex 2: I used One Quarter yesterday and it felt dirty having to spend 1 to remove a die and then have them gain a resource. I chose Unpredictable over Doubt purely because of Ambush.

Removed Personal Shield x 2, added Ammo Belt x 2: I found Personal Shield wasn't having the same impact as Armor Plating so figured adding Ammo Belt to extend Armor Platings life was a better option. Will play test and see.

Removed Cheat x 2, added Outmaneuver x 1: I found I was running short on resources but claiming super fast the last couple of games. Even though resources are not essential in this deck, i thought adding one of these might give me an edge if the situation calls for it.

Deck is now running less dice which makes Armed to the Teeth a more important card. I might drop down to 1 x Fight Dirty if i find i'm not using it that much. With the extra resource generation I may add back in 1 x Reversal for end game dice removal and damage.

Changes in v5.0

Removed Ace in the Hole x 2

Added Armor Plating x 2

Self explanatory.

Next version will probably try a Docking Bay - Finalizer and Slave I combo.

Another version will try adding Vibroknucklers in somehow and seeing if that helps.

Changes in v4.0

Removed 1 x Backup Muscle - found this drip damage slowed things down for me and would rather try and get an Infamous out on the board in round 2 to help speed things up and start claiming a couple of actions earlier.

Added 1 x Infamous - back up to x 2. See above.

Removed 2 x Reversal - I like this card however its to expensive for this deck. When it works, it works great but its few and far between and would rather rely on a lower cost dice removal option

Removed Relentless Pursuit x 2 - generally just chuck this card for a reroll. It would only work against a 3+ character deck.

Added 2 x One-Quarter Portion - to replace Reversal.

Added 2 x He Doesn't Like You - to replace Relentless Pursuit

On the Hunt is staying for now. I like it for shield and dice removal and can use it to pay for future upgrades.

Also, combo'ing Ascension Gun special with Carbon Freezing Chamber is amazeballs. Lock up a Palp or Poe die in the first round and knock out Maz and you're laughing!

Thats all for todays changes. Future changes I have on my mind are reducing Cheat and Ace in the Hole down to 1 each and adding in Armor Plating x 2 or maybe Cunning x 2 to trigger Ascension Gun special.

Store Championships are coming up in a few weeks so need to get this deck perfect.

Changes in v3.0

Added Carbon Freezing Chamber - aim is to lose the starting player roll, gain the two shields then leverage off ascension guns special ability for some dice removal.

Evened out Support - 1 x Backup Muscle and 1 x Infamous - Only ever need 1 x Infamous out and running more the 1 x Backup Muscle slowed me down with the claim of battlefield

Added back in "On the Hunt" - I severely missed this card tonight. Its special was great to help remove shields and remove a die for 1 resource cost. It has found a permanent place in this deck for me.

Added back in Reversal - I also severely missed this tonight and I had a tonne of resources i could've used it with.

Removed Thermal Detonator - as much as i liked the idea and it did theoretically work for me tonight, I had to chance it to make it work and even when it did, i didn't have the resource to resolve it. If i was to add it again, i would only play it on the condition that Infamous was in play so it could be resolved immediately prior to it being removed.

The key to this deck is literally getting Aurra to Sing as quickly as possible. Having 2 dice, she will be the obvious first target.

Hard mulligan for Fast Hands & Holdout Blaster. Play Fast Hands on Aurra and Holdout Blaster on Jango.

Start to load up Jango after this for back up when Aurra goes down. Make sure to load Aurra with Personal Shield as soon as its available. With any luck, you should be able to roll out between 6-8 damage in round 1. If possible, use any event cards to knock out your opponents character early in the 2nd round.

By round 3 or 4 you should be looking to use Fight Dirty & Armed to the Teeth to dish out the final damage you need. Don't be afraid to discard these cards early game as you can then use Cheat to bring them back.

Try and save 1 resource per round to help you out in rounds 3 & 4 for any last minute purchasing you might have to do.

Flexible cards are Relentless Pursuit and Infamous with possible inclusions of Back Up Muscle and He Doesn't Like You or 1/4 Portions. Battlefield could also be changed to something neutral like docking bay.

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