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ordinaryjedi 807

Changes in v10.0

Added in 2 x Thermal Detonator - our meta is dealing with a lot of 3+ character builds and this is helping a lot. I have been playing a Holdout Blaster on Aurra Sing - Deadly Shot, then once I have a Fast Hands on her, i've been replacing Holdout with TD, rolling in and if rolling the TD special, resolving it immediately. Consistency has been an issue but when it works, the game is yours. I reckon its works maybe 25% of the time. If you get one out per game and manage to resolve it, you're doing well.

Added in 2 x Outmaneuver - I didn't want to add this in but i feel I need some fall back now with TD in the deck, plus this and Infamous can combo with new battlefield Docking Bay - Finalizer

Changed Battlefield to Docking Bay - Finalizer to combo with Infamous and Outmaneuver

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ordinaryjedi 807

I played in our weekly tourney tonight and got smashed in first 2 games. First game was just unlucky with a combination of very poor dice rolls combined with opponent getting very very lucky with card mitigation. By the 3rd round I had zero dice or upgrades on the field due to dice being frozen with Prized Possession & Carbon-freezing Chamber - Bespin.

Must have gotten bad dice rolling juju because in the 2nd game all Aurra kept rolling was blanks and disrupts against a ePhasma/Stormtrooper/Enforcer deck. Took me 4 rounds to take out Phasma due to terrible dice rolls.

I love this deck but it is taking over my life. I want it to work so bad but I feel I may have to leave it where it is and move on after upcoming store champs.