Aurra Unchained / Tournament Winner / High Win Rate

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Aurra Unchained / Tournament Winner / High Win Rate 2 2 3 12.0
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Aurra Unchained / Tournament Winner / High Win Rate 3 2 3 14.0
The Hunters 1 1 0 1.0

ordinaryjedi 812

The key to this deck is getting Aurra activated with Fast Hands as quickly as possible (2 x Fast Hands on Aurra is the dream). Having 2 dice, she will be the obvious first target.

Hard mulligan for Fast Hands, On the Hunt & Infamous (long shot I know but you want Fast Hands + one of the other 2). Play Fast Hands on Aurra and On the Hunt on Jango/Infamous in support slot.

Start to load up Jango after this for back up when Aurra goes down. Make sure to load Aurra with Personal Shield or Armor Plating as soon as its available. With any luck, you should be able to roll out between 4-6 damage in round 1. If possible, use any event cards to knock out your opponents character early in the 2nd round.

By round 3 or 4 you should be looking to use Fight Dirty & Armed to the Teeth to dish out the final damage you need. There are 2 x copies of Armed to the Teeth as I feel this is easy to finish on as Fight Dirty is conditional.

Confiscation deals with the likes of Force Illusion, Back Up Muscle etc, I have found this is easier than having to do double damage. Sabotage is in to deal with your Planetary Uprising and Imperial Inspection. Decks that are running Planetary Uprising tend to be a touch faster than this deck claiming the battlefield the action prior to me wanting to claim. The alternative would be to remove Sabotage and sacrifice what you have rolled out on the board to avoid the damage however I feel its better just to remove from the game as claiming early slows you down.

I have found losing the Battlefield on purpose to get the 2 shields, then switching it over with New Orders for dice resolution in Round 3 works pretty well also.

Perfect scenario is to combo Fight Dirty + Infamous then use Armed to the Teeth on the Ambush. You should be able to do anywhere between 6-9 damage with this combo which essentially should end game someone.


Crabshack101 57

Just a few questions.

Doesnt look like you mentioned why you changed battlefields from Docking Bay - Finalizer to Secret Facility - Scarif. I think i get why I just want to make sure.

How did you end up back at Personal Escortx2?

New Orders is not longer in the list but is mentioned in the write up. Should it still be in here?

Do you ever find Confiscation to be just a push. The deck is trying to go fast but confiscation beds to be played when they cannot interact with it, which is generally later in the turn?

Thank for your help!

ordinaryjedi 812


Changed battlefield to something neutral that would help me if I somehow ended up with my battlefield

I keep going back and forth with Personal Shield. I went with just 1 previously and found i never got it out. I now prioritise it over weapons as I need it to tank up Aurra and make her last the extra 1 or 2 rounds. If you can get Aurra to round 3, it has a high win rate.

I have changed this deck so many times that i forget to update notes. Removed New Orders as the battlefield was not as conflicting.

I really like Confiscation especially when combined with Infamous. Wipe out their Force Illusion or Second Chance then hit them with kill damage.

I've been working on a mixed damage build which I feel is going to be more successful but haven't tested yet. Let me know what you think.