Aurra Unchained / Tournament Winner / High Win Rate

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ordinaryjedi 807

The key to this deck is getting Aurra activated with Fast Hands as quickly as possible (2 x Fast Hands on Aurra is the dream). Having 2 dice, she will be the obvious first target.

Hard mulligan for Fast Hands, On the Hunt & Infamous (long shot I know but you want Fast Hands + one of the other 2). Play Fast Hands on Aurra and On the Hunt on Jango/Infamous in support slot.

Start to load up Jango after this for back up when Aurra goes down. Make sure to load Aurra with Personal Shield or Armor Plating as soon as its available, I advise making this a priority in Round 2. With any luck, you should be able to roll out between 4-6 damage in round 1. If possible, use any event cards to knock out your opponents character early in the 2nd round.

I cannot emphasize how important it is to get shields on Aurra. Once your opponent sees that Aurra is being tanked up, they will go for Jango, which is what you want! Aurra is a strong end game finisher with Fast Hands, Personal Shield and Holdout Blaster

By round 3 or 4 you should be looking to use Fight Dirty & Armed to the Teeth to dish out the final damage you need. There are 2 x copies of Armed to the Teeth as I feel this is easy to finish on as Fight Dirty is conditional.

Sabotage is in to deal with your Planetary Uprising and Imperial Inspection. Decks that are running Planetary Uprising tend to be a touch faster than this deck claiming the battlefield the action prior to me wanting to claim. The alternative would be to remove Sabotage and sacrifice what you have rolled out on the board to avoid the damage however I feel its better just to remove from the game as claiming early slows you down.

Perfect scenario is to combo Fight Dirty + Infamous then use Armed to the Teeth on the Ambush. You should be able to do anywhere between 6-9 damage with this combo which essentially should end game someone.


Crabshack101 57

Why the Backup Muscle add? Seem like it is a bit slow for this deck?

The switch with Separatist Base - Mustafar maeks sense but i woudl liek to hear your logic.

The removal of Confiscation seems dangerious were you not seeing it work very well?

Any other changes in the last week. I saw anotehr version with Asajj Ventress - Force Assassin instead of Jango Fett - Lethal Mercenary. How do you feel about that switch?

ordinaryjedi 807


I played this in a SC last week and have since retired this deck to work on something else. The issue ive had all along with this deck was consistency and that showed up during games.

For SC I ended up dropping Back Up Muscle & Sabotage. I included Salvage Stand instead which was a terrible idea and ultimately should've kept Sabotage. I can't remember what else I swapped in the extra 2 slots at the moment.

Like all decks, games come down to a mixture of player skill and luck and with this deck I've found that one round of bad rolls will destroy your game.

There was someone else at SC playing eAurra eBala and he had equally as bad time even though I think his damage was more consistent with the eBala but health was an issue.

I'm working on eDooku eFN and might play around with eJango eFN as well for next store champs.

ordinaryjedi 807

@Crabshack101 I would need to test this but I feel with the meta at the moment, if you're not running elite of both characters, you're already behind, withthen exception of Vader Raider. I'm going with FN to try and keep up with Poe Maz speed and damage output.