Unkar's Angels

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BigDaddyGoblyn 295

Here is my present version of this Deck, which I want to make a thing. I have played it a handful of times and really like it. Any critique is welcome, I am trying to tighten this Deck up to use at a Store Championship.

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StaticCat 14

Nice deck I really like the concept and I myself have been working on a similar deck idea . . . . Similar cards in the deck as well to the ones that you have except I am not using Imperial Inspection I find that Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer even though it has the disrupt side finds itself more on the resource side for me so I dropped it and don't want to have to rely on 2 First Order TIE Fighter to get it.

I have 1 Rocket Launcher in my deck and 1 Air Superiority to help Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer of course Vibroknife disrupts the Shields, it's still good for when you make them use the Vibroknife die or get rid of it with mitigation.

I'm thinking of dropping the Rocket Launcher for possibly another Air Superiority just for that very reason.

Regardless, I like the deck and hope that it works well for you.