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symbio 61

Been playing this deck since SOR released wih minor changes here and there. I feel like especially with the new RRG 1.4 erratas it has a chance to be a Tier 1 deck. Personally I have been having a lot of fun and pretty decent success with it. I have won a few times against Vader/Raider, ePalpatine, Poe/Rey, Kylo/Young Vader and think it could stand up to some of the rainbow ranged aggro very well. It can do a lot of damage so even with 3 or 4 second chances I have been able to take a character out.


A lot of low cost shielding, mitigation, healing cards keeps Luke alive longer with SOR cards now in play. Cards like Force Illusion and Willpower can give him more health against aggro and cards like Jedi Robes, Caution, Defensive Stance provide the shields. Shields are undervalued in the meta game right now and still usable for Riposte if your opponent has Vibroknife.

Along with that, the goal is to be able to get out tons of damage using Luke's 3 side before they can do anything about it. I have learned that you cannot depend on just rolling that damage as when I used to play this deck I didnt use enough and it always failed me. So now, the and the action cheating are key. Jedi Robes and Force Speed both have focus sides so getting those out early, getting action cheats to focus Luke's dice to 3 and do damage is the goal.

I decided to remove One With The Force since it was just too costly. In my original version i would put it out on Rey as soon as possible, and especially if they are trying to kill her first. But the problem is everyone knows now to go after Luke so it just ends up being a dead card. Its great in a Qui-Gon/Rey or 2xPadawan/Rey deck though. This version of the Luke/Rey deck is all about low cost cards, drawing often and using your hand almost every turn.

Lastly, almost every game is won by using the amazing new SOR card My Ally Is The Force! Always be saving the 2 resources to do this if in hand, it allows you to double Luke's damage die as it gives you Ambush too! And if you have a Vibroknife out you are dealing unblockable damage.

Use Return of the Jedi to get back what you need, often times a Use The Force, My Ally Is The Force, Guard or even a Caution if you need shields.


Usually this deck does not get the battlefield with 3 dice, pretty random. Which is good since I will put 2 shields on Luke most of the time. A lot of people go for Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight which is smart, but in this version it takes quite a bit to kill him with all the healing and shields. If they go for Rey then you are in better shape cause Luke's dice are where all the damage comes from. Sometimes I will shield up Rey first then use Caution after rolling out Rey to give Luke 3 shields early on. If you have Jedi Robes you want to put any initiative shields on Luke then give her shields with the Jedi Robes.


Ideal hand would also include 1 or even 2 Force Speed, Vibroknife and for mitigation either a Use The Force , Guard or Deflect depending on what you are playing against. If I get a Jedi Robes or Caution I will keep them if Im playing against any really heavy aggro deck. Even a Defensive Stance to shield up first turn. Caution is better cause you can save the resources which is fairly hard to get a lot of in this deck. Its why i dont play light sabers. You dont need them.


Play a Force Speed on Rey, Play a Vibroknife on Rey giving you 2 actions. Roll out Rey, get the Force Speed , resolve it to get 2 more actions. Roll out Luke, and then resolve potentially up to 10 unblockable damage (Rey's +2 and Vibroknife's +2 .


I have seen other version of this deck play the Holdout Blaster and although getting more actions can be deadly, I find that this deck has enough speed and needs more mitigation options. That is why I am using the Makashi Training which has done quite well. Not only does it almost always increase the dealt it allows me to use cards like Guard to mitigate dice. Also against other decks like Vader/Kylo/Dooku or anything with a Vibroknife you can use the Force Misdirection to remove dice.

Obviously the Caution and Riposte cards are an amazing combo and if you can get that off and not risk losing all the shields for a kill shot, do it!

Use The Force has been a huge help to this deck. Just being able to focus to a the 3 or a when needed has won me games.

Force Illusion is a key mid/late game card. Just when they think you are defeated or close to it, you drop this card and it can mitigate some heavy damage. Be careful using this though as this deck goes through cards fast.

I think the whole idea of using more 0 or 1 cards as you can is important for Luke's ability which allows him to draw a card when he activates. The more you can play those cards the better. This is one of the strategies for how the World Championship 2017 Vader/Raider Cheerios deck one. Also, this deck does not generate a lot of money as you want to be doing damage with the few dice that are on the table.


I removed as many higher cost cards like Light Sabers to make it easier to get cards played out before a Mind Probe hits you. Force Throw is a great card and now that ive played against more control decks its crucial and a must play against Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. Against fast decks not sure it is needed as often times there is not much to throw. Against Crime Lord, #eng , Rise Again though you may want to get this out so you can start doing the ASAP. I may try taking 1 out and putting in more low cost cards either another Riposte. Flank is a great card against Poe/Maz and Palpatine but if you play against 3 card decks or slower decks then take it out.

I tried this deck with Lightsaber and Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber and I never was able to get them out. Or when I did get them out were not reliable enough for damage. They are expensive and also make it harder to get cards played out.

Im not sure about Swiftness, ive used it a couple times to give Force Speed or Force Illusion Ambush on Rey to get the extra actions. But since this deck does not make a lot of resources, I find its expensive to use on any other cards so I took it out. Ive used it for putting out Makashi Training before but thats 3 s to get that extra 2 actions.

Let me know what you guys think. I will be posting a video of this deck in action and talking about the strategy on T3 GAMING https://www.youtube.com/c/T3GamingPodcast


talism 35

Your missing Determination that card lets you use the showing on luke on a different dice to turn lukes dice to a 3. Alternatively it means while you have a showing you can use what ever side on a die as a

symbio 61

You are so right! How could I have not included this card? I dont think i fully understood how it worked. So i can resolve a 1 or 1 as ! I might nix the Return of the Jedi or Force Misdirection for those. Thanks!!

leezhoe 1

I'm not sure I understand how the Focus symbol can be resolved as a Special with DETERMINATION?

talism 35

Luke rolls in with a Force Throw attached. The dice come up (luke ) force throw You can use Determination to resolve that force throw blank as a special sice you have a on one of likea dice and both the and have a value of zero

symbio 61

I swapped out Misdirection and Return of the Jedi for Determination and its been awesome so far!

talism 35

Im at the point, i dont think Luke/rey is competitive enough at the moment. With the fast hands change, Funkar (unkar,99, FO trooper), has every where and the Imperial Inspection / Salvage Stand combo can make it very hard to keep out upgrades. to the point im thinking It Binds All Things might be required so you get 3 a turn to play out a

symbio 61

Yeah i have to agree. it can win some big games but still luck is a big factor. The new Rey's Lightsaber is a good addition and playing around with the new Concentrate which is a better use the force. Also Do Or Do Not could be big as well. Ive been realizing that there isnt much you can do to stop FN. Heroes best things are Shields, Damage and Speed. So you have to play as aggro as possible to take him off the board while getting shields. It binds is still too slow IMO. But once we get the new EAW Reaping The Crystal oh man its gonna get crazy!