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Leddon75 139

Hello :) I decided to finally post my Han/Rey Ramp! Deck that i have been playing since EAW Release. After a few tweaks, this is the Version i'm actually playing with some cards than can be adapted to the Meta.

I never felt that i was someone very lucky with dies rolls. So what were my requirements? 1) Survivability

2) Consistency in damage

3) Fast/Paced deck

4) Hero if possible…. Too many villains players already

It meant probably 2 characters deck for pace.

It meant shields/Force illusion over Control (you have to wait the damage die to control it :p)

It meant Han/Rey (1, 3 and 4 solved!)

Eaw added some ambush cards like (X-8 Night Sniper/ Truce).

Making the Deck a 10 ambush Cards + 2 Second Chance + 2 cautions Han can get a total of 38 HP ( Survavibility solved)

Rest of survavibility comes with the control which one is Light in quantity but cheap and effective.

2 Loth-Cat and Mouse

1 Deflect

2 Removals from DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol

1 Rend

How to play them :

Play ambush weapon on Rey, then Negotiate to remove 2 dies or Loth-Cat and Mouse to remove 1.

Double ambush to roll, play Negotiate and Loth and Cat.(removes 3 dies)

More removal if played with DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol.

Then here comes the last problem :

The huge one, consistency.

How to get consistency?

1) Having lots of dies in game

2) Playing cards like Heat Of Battle , Never Tell Me The Odds, or Concentrate so you don’t have to roll. First one is Red, second one a bit expansive, and needs Han to be loaded.

3) Using cards action like X-8 Night Sniper gives a 3 damage for 2 ressources when you use the ability

I use Concentrate, that can turn 2 dies for 2 ressources

Sounds Great but needs tons of Ressources!

There come our cards :

"Fair" Trade


And the battlefield Moisture Farm - Tatooine

Finally the free damage :

Riposte (great with Han's excedent shields)

Planned Explosion

We have 28 Cards now, the 2 lasts are very important too.

Because, we forgot Rey (sometimes people are going for her, sometimes not.

One With The Force (for a scary Han)

Rey's Lightsaber (2 shields/Redeploy)

Cards that can be added:

Disarm (against Vibroknife/ BD-1 Cutter Vibro-AX)

2nd One With The Force (if everyone will start to go for Rey first)

Never Tell Me The Odds (better on our battlefield)

Force Illusion (not fan in this deck)

Cards than can be removed

Planned Explosion


Mulligan :

One Ambush Weapon (it’s enough) We don't want to get free actions for nothing. Let opponent use his expansive removals, and stay low in upgrades while you ramp :)

One control (Loth Cat or caution, negotiate is fine too) We don't want Rey or Han to die Round 1 to 10 or 12 damage..

Fair Trade

Rend (depending on match ups)

Fun/Strong Starting Hand :

A 2-cost weapon (6 cards on deck)


Fair Trade

3 cost Weapon (3 cards on deck)

Negotiate/Deflect/Loth Cat/ in a perfect world

-> Play the 2 cost weapons on Rey

-> 2 actions

-> Roll Han

-> Roll 1 Ressource at least 55% time (the 2 disrupt is fine too 30% of time)

-> Truce (1 ressource for you, opponent gets 3rd)

-> Play The 3 cost weapon on Rey (play again)

-> Fair Trade

So you played a 3 cost upgrade, and you have 3 ressources remaining (played 4 cards, It means that you'll just take what dies are giving you this 1st round)

Resolved 1 die and got 3 shields on Han.

Opponent lost 1 ressource.

You'll start round 2 with 4 or 5 ressources probably :)

Last point on moisture farm, always claim first!

You have more dies, never give the free resource to opponent.

Just leave the die.

Play negotiate early, and not when there are only 2 dies remaining, opponent will claim and take the resource.

I usually take my battlefied (except against Heavy aggro decks, like Kylo/Phasma/Anakin if i don't have fair trade in starting hand)

You can find a game with the deck on The Hyperloops (youtube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pM31_RXluhc



Turcaut 12

Hey! Saw your list in the video, was linked in the hyperloops discord, decided to give it a try ( minus one rend for +1 bowcaster).

Finished first at our last store tournement!

A blast to play! Thx for the list!

Leddon75 139

Hey ! Thanks : ) Yes, the deck is quite strong and can have some disgusting rounds 1 and 2. Bowcaster is a good pick ! It s difficult to cut last rend because of imperial inspection, RI. And finally, holocron/force speed that turns Negotiate lot less strong.(Anakin/Phasma is hard to win with bad start) So far, i won my last 2 tournaments in Paris with it and lost only 2 TTS season 3 games. One time milled by Darth Vader - Sith Lord (not elite) with Ancient Lightsaber (Han rolling cold) and second time to Cad/Phasma that god rolled and killed Han Round 2.

alterman 1

Leddon75: Wait, did you say Paris, France? Where do you play there! How can I go to a tournament? I don't find any info at all and am very fan of this game! Amazing deck by the way.

xdavisx 1

Any changes/updates?

Leddon75 139

`@altermanWe have a forum starwarsdestinyfr.forumactif.com with the events. There are 3 or 4 tournaments a month, and usually people playing on tuesday, saturdays (sometimes more) @xdavisxi'm still trying things i think you can remove Rend, and one truce to add friends in low places. Sound the alarm really messes up a lot with the deck, and it's nearly auto include everywhere.