Rebel Ladies with Guns

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fiferboy 57

An attempt at creating a yellow/red deck featuring Elite Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert. A friend has speculated this would be a better pairing than Admiral Ackbar - Perceptive Tactician.

Rebel Commando brings 3 health over Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief and a better aggro die over Admiral Ackbar.

I think Poe Dameron's Blaster is the only red weapon worth carrying in this deck, so it is not an It's a Trap! deck. Instead of IAT! we have Never Tell Me The Odds and Heat Of Battle to set up some big damage plays with Sabine loaded with weapons.

Not having Infamous will hurt the NTMTO play but that is necessary due to having so few yellow cards that don't already have Ambush. Activating Running Interference after playing NTMTO or HOB should protect all the ranged dice sitting in your pool. Running Port District - Bespin is another possibility for Ambush on NTMTO, but it seems like a waste with only one card to take advantage of it (even if it is a very, very powerful card to have Ambush on).

I am not sold on Planetary Uprising being in the deck but we should be able to claim often enough that it could be worth the cost. The balance on the events probably needs some adjustment as well - maybe more mitigation will be necessary.

Cards on the bubble: Planetary Uprising, Fortuitous Strike

Cards I'd like room for: Overkill, Truce, Smuggling

Any comments on how to improve the deck are very welcome!


GenghisDon 98

fiferboy 57

@GenghisDon That's a fair point. I'm not completely sold on Thermal Paint except in the Running Interference loop. Given the choice I'd much rather keep putting Ambush weapons on Sabine.

I mainly play eSabine/eEzra right now and I have cut Thermal Paint to one copy, so maybe finding space for one copy here should be a priority?

Chiefmaster green 1

i do not have X-8 nightsnipers so what could i use. i like the deck. i have bin playing Sabine alot and the thermal D is amazing on her. thanks for the writeup.

fiferboy 57

@Chiefmaster green I don't have Thermal Detonator but I would love to have it against three+ character lists!

Unfortunately for hero players, all the Ambush guns available are already in this deck. Vibroknife gives you the Ambush roll in but running a single melee die seems like a bad usage.

Maybe use Thermal Paint in for the X-8 Night Sniper? Or possibly a red Redploy weapon like A280 Blaster Rifle would work.

rzenni 205

@Chiefmaster green there’s some okay red guns, not ambush but redeploy

@fiferboy i really like this... can you afford never tell me the odds regularly? would truce or hidden agenda be good in this deck?

joelker41 98

You need Salvo and I would consider Hidden Agenda.

fiferboy 57

@rzenni Truce and Hidden Agenda would likely be very good. I found with Ezra it isn't too bad to get NTMTO off without an extra enabler but it might not be as easy in this deck. I will have to make room for them in the next iteration.

Considering going the Docking Bay - Finalizer + Honor Guard route for the next version as well. Thoughts?

fiferboy 57

@joelker41 Is Salvo worth it for a 3 ranged die? I suppose it should be good especially against three+ character decks, essentially turning a single die into a Thermal Detonator for 2 resources. I like it! Thanks for the tip!!

ordinaryjedi 814

Truce and smuggling are essential in any Sabine deck. Smuggling gives you a resource and puts you DL44 in discard pile what more could you want!

fiferboy 57

@ordinaryjedi I agree, they play very well in eSabine/eEzra. I'm trying to make room for some powerful red events and I acknowledge that I probably don't have the balance quite right yet.

dpuck1998 46

You think this is better then ePoe/Sabine? Have had pretty good luck with that with similar cards you are using. I am having a hard time claiming the battlefield sometimes though, so I'm thinking of replacing Planetary Uprising

ordinaryjedi 814

I've been playing ePoe2/Sabine with planetary, if you get PU out early, it forces opponent to play suboptimal, claiming early with die still out to negate the 2 damage. Drop zone might be a better option and is free with docking bay.

dpuck1998 46

@ordinaryjedi Actually I originally had both in the deck, just tough to play Planetary Uprisingearly and give up a weapon on Sabine. Maybe I'll swap it back in and see if I helps if I focus on getting it out quick.

fiferboy 57

@dpuck1998, @ordinaryjedi - it's hard for me to say whether this is better than ePoe/Sabine as I need to do some more testing. I wanted to keep two Sabine dice for big NTMTO plays and I have found when Sabine dies Ezra on his own struggles to get any damage across.

I'm hopeful that two black ranged sides on Commando - along with the 3 extra health - will be worth dropping a (mediocre) Ezra die.


I've run this character combo for awhile now and have included Electroshock as well as Draw Attention. Rebel Commando's health is just too good not to use Draw Attention or possibly even Impersonate. I've included a one of Bowcaster purely for late game Commando fun. I'm about to start playtesting both Fortuitous Strike and Defiance. If you are looking at including something like Thermal Detonator I'd recommend Infamous so you can resolve the special immediately.

Ramin2-D2 222

maybe add Training?

Scirus 1

I play the Admiral Ackbar version of this and it is very competitive. A couple of notes, you need smuggling in this deck. Hidden agenda is critical as well to help with the resources. I would also swap out poes blaster for the A280. Not as good damage but you will want the redeploy when sabine is about to die. I am also surprised with the number of comments that no one has mentioned retreat. Drop the planetary uprising and after action cheating with sabine use a hidden agenda to play retreat. This wrecks even the fastest decks. In most cases I can prevent at least half if not more of the opponents dice from being resolved and if you know you are going to do this use your running interference to prevent them from rolling in after you action cheat with sabine. It will slow them down that much more.

fiferboy 57

@CHEF, @Scirus - thanks for the tips. Glad to hear that similar ideas have been working for you! There are definitely a bunch of changes I am looking to make to improve the deck so your input is very valuable!

@CHEF - Draw Attention looks like it would work nearly as good as a Field Medic in the early game (who is going to be targeting Commando first??) and it is free, which is a bonus as well.

@Ramin-2D2 - Training is very tempting for the extra Commando die and I don't think I will ever run into problems with Commando not having room for the upgrade but I am not sure what I would cut for it. I would definitely like to test that out though I'm just not sure if the play limitation is better than running another Weapon with a die that is as good as Commando's.

@Scirus - Ackbar gets you the Leadership play which must be very powerful with elite Sabine, but can Ackbar get the last few damage out if Sabine dies a round too early? I have had lots of trouble being left with just Ezra and not being able to roll a black damage side to finish off the opponent. I can't believe I didn't consider Retreat though! It does seem like a bit of a non-combo with Planetary (as it prevents us from claiming that turn) but I can see it making a huge difference after playing out a particularly fast turn.

I hope to publish an improved version (or at least one that I hope is optimized a bit better) this weekend. I'm still trying to figure out if this deck is just better as a no limits aggro deck that tries to kill as fast as possible or if there is room for some healing and mitigation to try and live an extra round.

fiferboy 57

Just published version 2.0, which hopefully is improved. Thanks for all the input everyone - I tried to include as many of the suggestions as I could!

Version 2.0 -