Alaska Regional Champion 10 - 2 In Last Two Tournys - Empero

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Tuark 202

Alaska Regional Games:

Game 1: Versus Mace Trooper Win

Game 2: Emperor Win

Game 3: Sabine Ezra Loss

Game 4: Ray2 Poe2 Loss

The last three players I went up against were the top 3 from regular play at our tournament, due to strength of schedule this put me in the semi finals.

Semi finals best of three against Sabine Ezra:

Game 1 Win

Game 2 Win

Finals best of three against Emperor:

Game 1 Win

Game 2 Win

The two losses I had in this tournament my guesses for card color were horrible. The R2 P2 deck scared me the most, it didn't help that I didn't get Sith Holocron or Chance Cube in my opening hand. Because of this I just couldn't get out enough upgrades to deal with all the shields.

This deck does very well against mono color decks, which the meta here has a lot of.

This deck has some advantages over Palpatine - Galactic Emperor. For instance your health total is a lot higher at 28. You also get access to yellow for greater resource ramping and dice control. You also have 3 dice instead of just 2, granted these 3 dice are not nearly as good as Palpatine - Galactic Emperor but you have a character with "Guardian" which makes up for that.

Bazine Netal - Master Manipulator tends to get ignored so she can be a great target for the Sith Holocron.

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