Sister Tarkin (Halifax Regional Winner)

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Natty 161

So, the premise of this deck was to face down the meta at regionals. My play partner was running Yoda/Hondo, so it was expected there would be a lot of special chaining, and action cheating. I peripherally expected to face Obiwan-Maz, and Yoda Sabine, and OTK; so I built this deck around those opponents. In our meta I expected Ranged damage was obsolete, so I did not put much removal for that in, and the flexibility helped out in the end.

There are 5 0-cost upgrades that can be played, which saves money for the large amount of removal present in the deck. In the opening hand I would keep one of these if I pulled one. The Sith Holocron was never intended to resolve the special, but in most Tarkin decks it is - so it made a great decoy. It is always put on Tarkin. Likewise, Force Speed is always put on Sister - but eating the force speed special for Tarkin's ability is completely acceptable (if matched with the holocron special). Tarkin - Grand Moff can provide 4-damage to the opposite team if given matching sides, and I never wanted to use his dice for that if it could be helped. As well, the blanks help with Anger; though Anger doesn't help on non-damage dice.

Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor is the engine of the deck; and if she dies you usually lose the match. As such, like OTK, you want to keep her alive. The Best Defense... is key here and against any deck with a heavy hitter. It is the other card mulligan'ed for in those matches, and is played immediately after the opponent rolls out their big hitter to remove those dice (regardless of roll) and start the damage on Tarkin to make him the target.

I used upgrades instead of force powers, and both Heirloom Lightsaber and Z6 Riot Control Baton have redeploy so resources are not lost. Many times I did Holocron special to roll in Mind Probe, hitting that special to do 3-4 damage, and then overwrite it with the redeploy on Tarkin on the same turn, before he died.

Defend is also clutch in matches against Darth Vader - Sith Lord, Kylo Ren - Tormented One, and Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master as a blowout play. You have no interest in claiming the battlefield in the first 2-3 rounds, just get out all of those 0-cost upgrades and do Tarkin damage each round. With indirect, you're only interested in the opponent's total health (Yoda-Hondo - 20, Obi-Maz, 20, etc) and dropping that by 4 each round starts the clock. If Tarkin dies round 3, you have already done 12 damage.

After the 3-4th round you need to start claiming the battlefield to setup Scorched Earth plays. Your best tactic is to smash down the easiest character, because at that point all indirect damage becomes direct damage on the remaining guy. Even if you haven't killed a character yet, with Yoda-Partner they want to roll out both characters before resolving and you can smash them for 7-9 damage upon rollout, and still have your own dice left to finish the job. Scorched Earth was a game ender in almost 50% of my games. In many cases I would toss my entire hand in order to draw up 5 new cards to increase the chances of pulling it as you will have the battlefield and the required $2.

The other plays of note are to resolve Tarkin and the ID9 Seeker Droid and Vibroknife discard sides against OTK or anything reliant on Rise Again, Never Tell Me The Odds, The Price of Failure or Leadership because these cards being discarded pretty much kills those strategies. As well, with 2 Tactical Mastery and 2 All In and Tarkin, Seeker droid, Force Speed and holocron having Focus sides an All In on any of them lets you use both of Tarkins 2-Focus sides; allowing you to change and resolve 3 dice, which can do 5 damage with sister and droid, or up to 7 with Sister, and Ancient Lightsaber or Heirloom Lightsaber; or 4-6 unblockable damage with 2 Vibroknife in play. This cuts through Yoda - Wizened Master shields to his very vulnerable 10 HP and completely ignores Force illusion.

The only limitations I had were the inclusion of Rend. I pulled it at the last minute in exchange for another The Best Defense..., but Rend is the only answer for running Interference I could come up with. As well, If Tarkin does die first, both Tactical Mastery and The Best Defense... become useless because of the red-character requirements.


Asukarulez 1

This deck is #TooSweet

Dougall 169

No ID9 Seeker Droid in the deck other than the binus one on Seventh Sister - Agile Inquisitor? Seems like it would be a perfect card for this deck to improve efficiency and damage.

Natty 161

I swapped out the seeker droids for the Vibroknifes. The seeker droid problem is that they take up an upgrade slot, so now I have less weapons. Secondly, they only have one damage side. Sure, if I had 3 dice in the pool, I would have 3 x 1/6 chance of getting 3 damage. Of course, I could also throw in 2 vibroknives, have 3/6 damage sides, and not lose an action to play them because of the ambush. Sure, I wouldn't get the 3 damage from the droid, but I could get 3 damage from the other upgrades.

Because the latter half of the game is aiming for speed and claiming the battlefield, I didn't want to waste actions using focus or rerolling to try to get the damage.

Lasci 87

Thank you very much for sharing!

Would you be willing to give a run down of your matches and/or can you provide what the top 8 were at your regional? The description seems to suggest that a lot of what you faced were 2-character suites without ranged damage and, strangely enough, most of what we're seeing in the states is almost the complete opposite, so I'd be very interested to hear about some of the stuff you went up against.

Congrats on the win!

JustJackGDP 375

@Natty Any other info from the Regional? Don't see to see much info floating around about it. Congrats on the win!

letzgoterps 1

How many people were in the Halifax Regionals?

Ion87 25

Congrats on the win! I like the redeploy weapons suite for if they target sister, but find the holochron inclusion weird, even if for decoy. Were you decoying to save your speeds? In that case I'd include a second chance cube so that you can at least possibly use it for resource generation. Nice idea on scorched earth! I may try that out.

Natty 161

The Regionals were 19 people, and my day ran as follows:

First match was a R2P2, run by one of the newer players. Indirect damage kept the shields off of Rey, and Poe went down in a couple of rounds. Once Poe was gone all the indirect damage became lethal to Rey. (1-0)

Second match was against a fantastic Boba/Phasma2; I misplayed on a pair of Boba specials and Sister took 6 damage and died before rolling in on round 3. With only Tarkin left there wasn't enough gas in the tank to finish the job. (1-1)

Third match was against Kylo2/Talzin. Got a lucky break because Kylo guessed the wrong color all 3 rounds (I habitually hold back grey cards for those games). Round 4 started with 1 hp on each of the opponent characters, and when they rolled in Kylo2, Scorched Earth for 2 indirect damage, finished off both characters. (2-1)

Fourth round was against Yoda/Hondo. This was my practice partner, and we traditionally go 50-50; as he plays around my Scorched Earth by resolving dice before rolling more in. In the game I managed to get out a vibroknife and then a couple of All In let me focus chain to kill Yoda. Sister went shortly after. He out-claimed me to prevent Scorched Earth, but Tarkin had enough with the weapons to pull it off. (3-1)

Top 4 Cut:

Paired with the same Boba/Phasma2 that game me my loss earlier. I made the same mistake in the first game, trying to kill boba, and ended up losing to an Ambush-combo that did 10 damage on roll-in. Game 2 and 3 I killed off Phasma first, and then the "directed" indirect damage managed to take down Boba.

Top Final game was against Obiwan-Maz, which was one of my practice decks. I felt pretty comfortable in the matchup, but we decided to call it a draw and split the prizes. We played off later for the trophy unofficially, and the The Best Defense... removing obi's dice, and the Defend to remove one round later blew it out.

Natty 161

I apologize, the above post is incorrect. We had a 5-round swiss with a top 4 Cut. I missed a round.

First round R2P2 (Win; 1-0)

Second Round (5-dice villain; Bala-Nightsister-Ciena); They spread the indirect around a lot, but I managed to focus down one of them. Then I could one-shot the other two one round each. (Win 2-0)

Third Round was Boba Phasma; (Loss 2-1)

Fourth was Kylo Talzin; (Win 3-1)

Fifth was Yoda Hondo; (Win 4-1)

The finals went as posted above.

Natty 161

@Ion87The inclusion of the holocron over the chance cube was a 'no-brainer' for my play style. I am greedy. Chance cube is going to cost $1 to roll-in, and $1 every turn afterwards. It's ceiling, therefore is only $2. Holocron is free every round when it is rolled in.

Effectively I ran into two issues. If I used 2 chance cubes for Tarkin's ability, I would be paying $2 to do 4 damage. While that's a decent exchange rate, a $2 upgrade that does 4 damage over 2 turns is the same value. As well, I wouldn't be using all of my turn's resources to roll it in. Secondly, I was greedy, and if it rolled a $2 or a $3 I would try to resolve it, sometimes at the expense of doing Tarkin Damage. With only 21 health on my side of the table, the temptation to make money over damage was too great and I was losing too many games.

The chance cube was mainly in the deck to deal with Hondo, and Salvage Stands.

Natty 161

@Ion87 Also, be mindful that you can Sith holocron in a Force Illusion, in a pinch, and save that $1. As well, it did give me an option to put a force speed on Tarkin, if Sister was fully upgraded. There were times it was used, but mainly it was a 'blank magnet' for Anger and Tarkin's ability.

SillyJedi 459

Force speed just doesnt seem good in Tarkin 7s, I have regionals this weekend and Ive been playing Tarkin 7s since it came out. I got 2 different versions. One built around Witch Magick and the other with cheap upgrades with a The Power of the Force combo in it. Both been solid in testing to where im at a stale mate to what i wanna chose. What would you change in this list if you were to change anything, im curious.