Italian Nationals - Top 8 - SadoCouple

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Going to the Italian nationals I switched to this pair of jokers which surely gave me a lot of fun. A brief recap of my tournament:

1 turn 1/0 - ePalp - In this not-so-interactive game he took the battlefield and within the next two rounds made 16 damages and made me discard two cards. Then quickly put 3 shields on Palpatine and claimed, healing 1. Too bad both my characters were still miracously alive and thanks to intimidate and Boba's specials they could take down the emperor by the end of that round.

2 turn 2/0 - eYoda/bluegal/bluegal - I don't remember exactly his configuration. Triple blue decks all look the same. I don't remember the game either, I'm old.

3 turn 3/0 - eSabine/eEzra - Was it me winning or he losing? I still have to figure it out. I rolled a lot of damage and could actually delivered them thanks to a well timed discard on his Hyperspace Jump.

4 turn 4/0 - mirror - Apparently my god-roll arrived earlier than her god-roll.

5 turn 5/0 - eYoda/bluegal/bluegal - If I'm not wrong a Bait and Switch on vibroknife took Rey - Force Prodigy by surprise. One should always fear those resource sides.

6 turn 6/0 - mirror - Nobody was god-rolling and we grinded a long game.

7 turn 6/1 - eSabine/eEzra - I killed Ezra Bridger - Force-sensitive Thief at the beginning of round 2, but apparently that wasn't fast enough. A Second Chance on Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert locked his win.

8 turn 7/1 - eYoda/bluegal/bluegal - Those pesky triple blue decks... long game where I won at the time for damage counting.


Quarter final - loss - eYoda/bluegal/bluegal. First game I god-rolled. Second game he god-rolled a notable 1 melee and three +2 sides among which there was a vibroknife, taking down Boba (and its force illusion) in the roguish way he deserves. Third game a guard and two force misdirections on my damage could buy him time to make Yoda that lovely Taz-Mania devil which hypnotizes you while he's blending your team.


So overall I had a lot of fun. The deck is quite straightforward, just reroll everything which isn't pain. In this respect, Trust Your Instincts was a great, solid choice which I don't understand why it's not played in other lists. Relentless Pursuit was there to play around shields, but it's too cluncky to use and I'd go for the second vibroknife instead. The other cards are stock but I'm still unsure about the two Shoto Lightsaber and the Heirloom Lightsaber. I can see different stuff there too.

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