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GumbyDog234 7

This is an aggro build, but not as all-in as the OTK eSeventh deck. Overall, it is inspired by Daniel Weiser's 2017 Worlds-winning deck, with two Boundless Ambitions and lots of 0-cost events. A primary strength of this deck is the high health of the three characters, so I didn't want to be sacking them with The Price of Failure. The goal is to put out a redeploy upgrade as early as possible. With a resolved resource roll or Enrage, and an overwritten Seeker Droid (which only costs one from Aphra's ability), the Vibrocutlass can be played round one. The Control Baton and Lightsaber can be played round one with either an extra resource or ramped to with a Seeker Droid. If you're playing against a defensive deck, you may want to save a resource and keep the seeker droid up for a round or two, as it pairs well with the one produced by the 7th, or the other seeker droid upgrade. Friends in Low Places and Ammo Belt protect from Vandalize or Disarm, which are the biggest threats to a redeploy deck. General Grievous must be priority #1, if applicable. Boba2 is also dangerous, as many high-value dice are rolled in this deck. FiLP is otherwise useful, but Ammo Belt is fringe playable, although it can be overwritten round two. Milligan anything but a BT-1 and/or a single redeploy weapon for as many Seeker Droids as possible.

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