Talzin and Tantrum (3-0 at LGS Tournament)

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Social Enemy 113

The goal of this deck is to be a replacement for the latest Emo Twins iteration: Kylo Ren - Tormented One and Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice. That deck is simply no longer fast enough to compete in the current meta. What this deck does is add an element of dice control that was not present in Emo Twins by removing Anakin Skywalker - Conflicted Apprentice and adding Mother Talzin - Nightsister Matriarch.

The strategy here isn't much different from Emo Twins. Put big weapons on Kylo Ren - Vader's Disciple and activate him for his ability, then activate Talzin (who has Dark Counsel and other weapons on her) after him to add in the dice control. You'll find resources not that difficult to come across, especially with the battlefield giving you an extra resource and It Binds All Things lowering upgrade costs. There's also sufficient dice removal in this deck.

So far testing has been good: I've won casual games and I came in 3-0 at my local store tournament with it earlier this week.


ferrsabs 2

Im pretty sure that I ws there playing Yoda Rieekan Maz mill next to you

badeesh 56

I can't bring myself to play this many even's in Talzin. But power to the people.