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LegoRacer1 168

Just came back from a tournament which I won! First ever tournament win. Here is a write up.

Round One Snoke - Supreme Leader 2x Executioner-(L) Just barley lost this one. He had two cards left in deck.

Round Two Bye

Round Three Jabba the Hutt - Renowned Gangster Captain Phasma - Elite Trooper-(W) Was able to get rid of thermals fast, just barley won this one.

Round Four Luke Skywalker - Reluctant Instructor Ezra Bridger - Aspiring Jedi Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy-(W) Took 10 cards round one including ancient. Stealthy+C-3PO was able able to win with just Anakin Skywalker - Podracing Prodigy left.

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