Rose/Partisans/LTP for SC on Saturday with write-up

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Hessian Sack 1325


I decided to play this deck due to it's versatile nature. Most games are won by damage, but it's certainly not uncommon to win with your secondary win condition (mill). It feels familiar in my hands, as I'm used to playing a LOT of vehicles.

Why I have these cards here

ARC-170 Starfighter: Probably the strongest 3-cost support in the game right now. IN fact, it's so good, it makes Recycle good! Two 2ranged sides AND a 3indirect side makes for 50% damage sides, and if I don't roll damage, all it takes is a reroll, and you've probably got what you need. Besides, resources and shields are good too.

C-3PO: Duh. He can make a Y-Wing blank a special, or an ARC-170 Starfighter 2ranged a 2resources, or 2focus. Really powerful.

Fang Fighter: The ranged sides help our kill win, and the discard side helps our mill win. It's just a really solid support anyway.

Honor Guard: Removal, I used this to remove a Planetary Bombardment 7indirect side the other day.

Resistance Crait Speeder: You can't NOT have this in a deck with Rose - Skilled Mechanic. She basically guarantees a 2-cost support with sides that are: 2ranged, 3ranged, 3indirect, 2shield, 2resource, blank. SERIOUSLY??!! I could write about how amazing this is for several pages, but I'll stop here.

Scrap Heap: Pretty much an auto-include in this deck. Generates a ton of money, definitely want this is your starting hand.

Suppressive Fire: More removal. Gets in the way of aggro. If I had a second one, it'd be in here.

T-47 Airspeeder: Consistent ranged, the discard helps with our mill, shields are powerful, and the special is too. Basically a 2-cost ARC-170 Starfighter or Fang Fighter.

Y-Wing: Has a strong special, which we can almost guarantee with C-3PO. The special restricts our opponent's resources in the global meta, and does a lot of damage in my local meta (where resources aren't as abundant).

Easy Pickings: I only have one because I only have one. I'm not going to bother ranting about how good it is, because you all know already.

Emulate: I think this is actually quite powerful. There are several decks locally that use two non-uniques, and I can turn their dice (or mine).

Entangle: Really strong, but restricts my resources a bit. if I get a second Easy Pickings, then I'll swap that for one of these.

Flank: Basic, one-for-one removal.

Into The Garbage Chute: Mass removal, still one of the best removal cards in the game.

Locked and Loaded: Can be a blowout card after my opponent has claimed. Would you pay 1resource for 4, 5, or even 6indirect? YES. You would.

Mend: I'd prefer that this was Field Medic, but I don't have that, so I'm making do with what I have.

Pinned Down: Simple removal.

Ideal hand

Two 2-cost supports (preferably Resistance Crait Speeders), one removal (preferably Flank or Easy Pickings), C-3PO and a Scrap Heap.

Cards that didn't make it

Bad Feeling, Vandalize, Friends in Low Places, First Aid, Modified HWK-290, Y-Wing, Flank, N-1 Starfighter, Suppression Field, Docking Bay - Finalizer. You can ask me questions about these in the comments.

Final notes

Around 30% - 40% of my wins are by mill. I milled a Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert aggro the other day, and had so much removal I was on one health for 2ish rounds. I normally stop ramping Long-Term Plan at 2 resources, but in 1 of 5 games I'll go to 3.

Thanks for reading that somewhat incoherent write-up, and I'd appreciate your questions/suggestions. ~Hessian


Ramin2-D2 531

do people attack Rose first? if so maybe First Aid?

Winter_soldier 1

I don’t think you can use honor guard to remove indirect damage. The card shows range or melee damage. At least that’s how I read the card.

Hessian Sack 1325

@Ramin2-D2 Some people do, and some don't. I don't really mind too much even if Rose - Skilled Mechanic is dead by mid-round 2. The Jedha Partisans can finish the game themselves. That's one of the reasons I haven't included Modified HWK-290. Rose - Skilled Mechanic can only do so much before she goes down...

@Winter_soldier You'll notice Honor Guard was printed before the release of Legacies and indirect damage. Any card referring to "damage" pre-Legacies was printed with just Melee and Ranged, of course. Post-Legacies, any card referring to "damage" now refers to Indirect damage as well. There was a discussion concerning Collateral Damage and this new rule. Even though, from the name, it would make sense for Indirect damage, but the card refers specifically to Ranged and Melee, rather than just generic "damage"...

Winter_soldier 1

@Hessian Sack I see the difference between those two cards indeed. Thanks for the response!

Dz 2

Honor guard can definitely be used on indirect -- anything in parenthesis is simply reminder text. There is a section explaining this in the rules.

No Rally Aid? Sure, Rose makes money, but running red hero vehicles without such a busted card seems like a waste

Hessian Sack 1325

@KingD21 I have NEVER struggled to make the money I need with this deck. If I were to include Rally Aid, it would be a one-of. It's really important to keep in mind that this isn't a vehicle deck, it just utilises a few vehicles to achieve it's win condition of an Indirect flood/Mill. If I wanted to play an actual vehicle deck, it wouldn't be this team, it'd be something more like eRose - Skilled Mechanic/Wedge Antilles - Squad Leader/Hired Gun. Aside from Rose - Skilled Mechanic making money, I'm not scared to resolve a Resistance Crait Speeder Resource side for 2Resources. The Jedha Partisans have a resource side (not that I use it much), and Scrap Heap exists. I'm definitely not short on money in this deck. If I was playing Pirate Speeder Tank I might consider running Rally Aid, but otherwise, it's unnecessary.

RebelTraitor 116

why not run hired guns over partisans? I get scrap heap is a thing, but you could just run tech team and rally aid instead. the guns give you more damage and more health. just seems overall better to me. what do you think?

Razelll 244

@RebelTraitor Then you only have one win condition, kill. With the Jedha Partisans you have a second win condition, mill. Also, the supports give you all the damage that you need, and early in the game spending resources on your damage instead of your supports is really bad.

Hessian Sack 1325

@RebelTraitor The whole idea of the deck is to be versatile, and if one win condition doesn't work, you have a viable backup plan. As @Razelll said, it's better to spend your Resources on supports than damage early on. I'd prefer to spend 2Resources on a Resistance Crait Speeder that has sides that are basically 2Ranged, 3Ranged, 3Indirect, 2Shield, 2Resource, blank than on 4 or 5Ranged. It puts a lot of pressure on your opponent to be playing against Mill and Damage at once. It has a tendency to switch them from "playing to win mode" to "playing not to lose mode" and that's really good.

RebelTraitor 116

@Hessian Sack yeah, but hired gun also has 2 money sides for early have, and the damage becomes a factor late game. How often does mill even happen anyway?

Hessian Sack 1325

@RebelTraitor I mentioned in a previous comment that I'm not in need of any money. The Resource sides are good, but I prefer the discard on the Jedha Partisans. Put it this way: The Hired Gun has a 2Ranged for 1Resource side, and a 3Ranged for 1Resource side. The Jedha Partisans have two free 2Indirect sides. The Hired Gun's resource sides are only making money to spend on their own damage sides. The Jedha Partisan has a really good ability, the die evens out to the Hired Gun's more or less, and even though it has one less Health, I still think it's better.

One in three games is won by mill.

Razelll 244

@Hessian Sack Are certain characters that you always try to mill? Or is it just if the game is long and you have the chance to mill them?

DarthVaderRocks 106

How is Long-Term Plan in this deck? Do games usually go long enough to make that very good?

Hessian Sack 1325

@Razelll I would say there are certainly teams that I DON'T mill, but nothing really that I'll consciously say: this is a mill win. For example: I won't try and Mill Yoda/Cassian/Anakin because they're way faster at milling than me. Most other three-wides are candidates for a mill. Aggro can be weird, and it depends how their game is going. I mentioned in the description that I milled a Sabine Wren - Explosives Expert deck, but that was because their game was going very poorly. Most 2-wides I'll try and kill because of the low health.

H.Sack 64

@DarthVaderRocks I wouldn't run this deck without Long-Term Plan. Most games last 4-5 rounds, and I stop ramping Long-Term Plan at 2Resources most games (one in ten games I'll go to 3Resources). YOUR Destiny did a really good article on this team. Here's the link: It focuses on a couple of the other versions of this deck by krez and granpachook. I was initially inspired by treygosfa's pre-WotF version.