The Pryce of Valure (Fat Firespray/U-Tank)

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flyingdadbomb 340

This has tone through quite the transformation.

I was about ready to give up on this deck, but decided against it, and I think this is the best version of it.

Core strategy: Use Arihnda Pryce - Unscrupulous Governor/Val - Headstrong Renegade to get/steal resources, treating Arihnda's special as a mere focus if need be.

While this is dependent on the situation (how many resources you can get on turn 1, etcetera), you want to tutor for the Firespray-31 against a two-wide deck, but tutor for the Umbaran Hover Tank against a 3(or more)-wide deck.

I almost wonder if this deck is just better only going for the Firespray. That said, I love the utility of being able to special chain with Arihnda. It makes for a fun play with Partnership, that's for sure. If you start your hand with a Truce or Well-Connected and a 1-cost mod such as Targeting Astromech or Dorsal Turret, you're almost guaranteed to be able to get the 3-damage Umbaran Special off turn-one.

Since the last version, I've made significant updates to the mitigation suite. No more Hasty Exit (never had the battlefield enough). No more Exploit. Pinned Down is a far better option. I made the Firespray and Commence Primary Ignition both one-ofs (never played two of those anyhow). And that made room for 2 Electroshock, which are great for getting rid of those pesky utility/special dice. Looking at you, N-1 Starfighter.

I took out the Barrel Rolls to put in Battle Fatigue. This is a great removal that makes so much sense for this deck, as the Firespray deals indirect and the U-tank deals mass damage. More often than not, it's a simple 1-for-1 removal, which is great. The loss of Barrel Roll hurts, and I may find a way to fit it back in, but the lack of mitigation was hurting so much more.

Finally, for mitigation. I've swapped out the Improvised Defenses for Vigilance. Vigilance is straight better, IMO. It's the difference between slowing down a Yoda - Wizened Master deck for a turn or shutting it down for a turn.

The last change I've made is to swap out the third vehicle for EMP Grenades. This will give me a bit of anti-vehicle tech to counter those fat vehicles. Not only does it have a special side to chain with Arihnda, but it also has a resource side to pair with Bait and Switch.

This has performed a lot better in recent tests, although I want to keep tinkering around to see if I have room for those Barrel Rolls.

Let me know what you think!


karchev18 2

Think primary ignition is unneeded add 2nd emp you pryce it into 3 discard which is crazy strong

flyingdadbomb 340


I wouldn't go so far as to say "unneeded." I've gotten great use out of Commence Primary Ignition. It's definitely a nice blowout card.

I agree it's the most suspect. Especially if I opt to go the Firespray route, it's a useless card. That's why I like it as a one-of.

I'm totally willing to replace it, but not for another EMP Grenades. You're right about the discard, but that's just not what this deck wants to do. I have it in there for some anit-vehicle tech if I need it. It can win me the game against fat-caster decks, and it can knock out those pesky N-1 Starfighters if I'm threatened by it. I never foresee myself playing two of them or wanting to see a second one.