Troy and Obi in the Morning

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NotaPeanut 54

Wouldn't Zeb Orrelios - The Last Lasat be a better partner for this?

Cool Cat for President 99

Why Propel over Beguile?

master_shapiro 71

I don’t see the purpose of this deck. Lando makes resources and does damage but all the damage is mixed and why double down, you don’t really need 3 treasured lightsabers and 3 slice and dice. If you you were to keep the same characters, get rid of the double down and put in another lando dice and replace your treasured lightsaber with an ancient lightsaber or shoto and get rid of propel and put in beguile. Also get rid of bewilder, this isn’t even close to a mill deck.

CaliberNick 7

@NotaPeanut But then the name of the deck wouldn't make sense.

@Cool Cat for President Maybe because propel can be used on your on dice too.

@master_shapiro I don't think a lot of effort was put into this deck past the name... but kuddos to the designer for a killer name. Can't wait for the updated deck list "Troy and Obi in the Morning... nights"