Scylla and Kharibdyss

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Nukemouse 20

This may be the greatest tag team in all of history, the two greatest podracers to ever live, side by side. This is entirely a theoretical deck based largely on a highly dubious teamup, made worse by the fact it cant run Boonta Eve classic without relegating Sebulba to 1 die. Maybe thats worth it? I think there are enough resources in the deck to do without it. Sebulba can help trigger Sebulba Always wins, set up some cash on the Freighter or power up LR-57 combat droid.

Im uncertain about running only 1 Ark Angel, drawing 2 would suck because of the uniqueness but its ability to let you roll out all the supports really quick should be useful. Podracer Betting should be easy money on Podracers (4 1s) or the Stock Freighter (4 0s).


lij_xo 251

I love this, honestly. Great name and really fun idea. Plus putting to good use some cards that don't get to see much play. I think 1 Ark Angel is fine and I don't think Systems Gauge is very good (Improvised Defense or At Odds instead?) but damn what a fun deck.

Nukemouse 20

Systems Gauge and Force Jump are attempts to give some ongoing mitigation. Ideally id like another card similar to force jump, but villains dont exactly have a million shield cards.