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Nogutsnoglory11 371

Had great success with this so far, will do proper write up soon!


Nogutsnoglory11 371

Forgot to add in 2 X disciplined mind before publishing, they took the place of 1 X Near miss and the 1 X you are in command now.

Upon realising Bails ability doesn't just work on titles for him but on the first title you play each round, you are in command now became a bit redundant.

Bails special is insane in this deck, not only can it be used for mitigation in a pinch, both Yoda and bail are leaders meaning you can reroll all their character dice and then focus one.

Most of the blue upgrades give Yoda sheilds to keep him tanked up, and the guardians of the whills is surprisingly decent. Playing for free onto Bail, to then exhaust it over to Yoda for a sheild, ready to overwrite for a discount on your next upgrade.

Become one is also a star in this deck. Removing Yodas 4 sheild side gives so much utility, 7 melee, 5 resources or even 5 discard with Bails dice!

As for Admiral - I wouldnt be surprised if it gets nerfed in some way - the last round when playing against a Han Padme aggro deck, i was on track for 5 Yoda activations, even though I only needed 2 to close the game.

Hope you enjoy, feedback and questions welcomed!

Bebpc 1

How did u plan on take 5 Yoda activations? You need to exhaust the upgrade in order to activate yoda....

Nogutsnoglory11 371

@Bebpc - it's worth saying I had stacks of money after a become one for a 4 resource gain and my opponent hyperspeeding the turn before - so this isnt going to be a regular occurance: 1st activation - As per usual 2nd activation - play admiral for 3, paying the 2 to ready Yoda 3rd activation - Admiral special - exhausting the card 4th activation - overwrite Admiral with Admiral - paying the 2 to ready Yoda 5th activation - Admiral special on the unexhausted copy of Admiral Hope that makes sense!!

tmart 49

I made almost the exact same deck with Qui-Gon instead of Yoda. Guardian of the Whills is lowkey amazing with Bail

Scactha 869

You Are in Command can still pick up and overwrited Admiral if you got the cash to burn for another reset. Top cool deck.

Nogutsnoglory11 371

@tmart - nice idea! And yes it is! Was nice to take it out my binder for once!!

@Scactha - Agreed, that's a good shout. It will also likely sneak it's way back in if Mill is still popular.

JuryDuty 14

Rebellion Leader would also work in this deck--and on either character if used with #You Are In Command Now. Makes an even greater chance of getting a couple of the big Title cards out.

Nogutsnoglory11 371

@JuryDuty - Good shout, I did think about adding that in, even just for playing on Bail. Might try it at one of and see how I get on.

General Vatutin 26

@JuryDuty: did you get a chance to try Rebellion Leader? Want to get that damn card out of the binder badly!

General Vatutin 26

How many plays have you got clocked on this?

JuryDuty 14

@General Vatutin I did and I found it a great card for this deck if nothing else because it gets one of the 4 "big" title cards down FAST and in play because the deck pretty much relies on them. What you have to do is not be afraid to overwrite them with the better Admiral card when it gets into your hand. I've also found it a really fun trick to overwrite Admiral with Admiral. This is clever because when you first put it down, you can re-ready Yoda with two resources. (You mentioned this in your OP but I didn't really "get" how it worked until I tried it.)

I also like including two #You Are In Command Now because you can use it more, as well as a couple more lightsabers and Honed Skills. Still experimenting but overall I'm enjoying it.

Nogutsnoglory11 371

@JuryDuty definately need to try with rebellion leader, not got round to it yet. I've added in a Niman Mastery which feels really nice. What I would say is from my testing, the deck doesn't rely on admiral. Obviously it makes things much better, but with the become one and Ataru strike plays, along with quigons spirit and Obi's saber, it can pump out some serious damage. Overwriting admiral with admiral sure does feel good! @General Vatutin probably only up to about 15, and can only recall it losing once to a Maul Executioner order 66 deck, which it has also beaten. Need to get some more reps in with it soon!!

General Vatutin 26


whozeppelin224 15

gave this one a spin at my local tournament today and it was a blast to play! Won 3 out of 4. Highlight moment was when I was able to Ataru Strike for 9 damage (Yoda's 3 side plus 6 shields) and spike a full health Chopper w/a shield off the board. Next turn, I was able to Become One to make a 3 indirect on Admiral into a 7 indirect thanks to Yoda's 4 Shield side to finish off my opponent's damaged R2-D2 - Loyal Companion.

I modified the list slightly by adding 2x Electromagnetic Pulse and 2x Niman Mastery and took out the Republic Armor, At Odds, Logistics and Crash Landing.

Lot of fun to play, thanks for the list!