I Am The Lor!

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I Am The Lor! 4-2 in 2 Sydney GQ events Standard and Infinit 2 1 0 2.0

stranglebat 825

This Deck is actually quite competitive and was in consideration for an upcoming GQ for me. It can beat pretty much anything with the right draw but is super hard to play and sequence.

Jyn Erso's Blaster ,Lor San Tekka - True Believer , and Occupied City - Lothal in combination with Jyn reliably mill in 4 rounds, with the best i have managed is completely decking someone in 3 rounds. The best part of this deck is you can mill passively and concentrate all your resources into control.

Early Mulligan you want 1 mill upgrade, Scrap heap, and exchange of information is also great along with 0 cost removal and the cheaper heals.

You want to defend Lor, he lets you reuse events and is your only resource sides, if you win the roll off take your BF as it is usually the difference between a 4 and 5 round game. But if you get the shields put the on lor.

LTP tick up to 2 outside of emergency needing to up a discard to 2 in round (example they go up to 4 resources in a Phasma deck you want to hit those megablasters) With the amount of discards you have hitting 3+ discard a round is pretty easy

Late game once they are milled, turn your Lore Hunters on yourself to dig for control and start LTPing shield sides.

Additionally Jyn is plenty capable of killing characters that are up to 10 or 11 hp, Some rounds with the pistol you will hit 7 damage and then they are in threat of death range to any 2 r side after that with LTP. I have killed aphras/Yodas/Padmes and even Kylo3 with this deck, its especially threatening to enemy mill decks forcing them to use their removal instead of holding it.

Lor PA is huge for bringing back cards for use and there is plenty of redundancy for getting exactly what you want. Every mill match i have played (against Yoda Leia 6 die and millionaires) ends up being decided by Lors PA and puts them in unwinnable states. The deck has every time milled at the same time as leia so there is no issues of speed.

Cards that are still good and could go into this deck depending on meta

-GH-7 Droid - Down grades hurt but there is not enough that i really cared about in the current landscape, Mind extraction/Possessed, and i wasn't getting value out of 1 heal at time

-Unshackle - see above

-Nexus Of Power - was great in the last meta, being able to LTP the die without having to reroll and giving resistance ring +resource a connection point made it very good, but i found the current meta is quite aggressive and dropped it for more control

This deck is solid T2, can beat almost any aggro deck outside of its best rolls coupled with my worst draw (Vader, Boussh, phasma), pretty much auto wins mill mirrors, and has tools to beat big slow support decks. Combos get crushed because you can sift deep to take out peices by stacking triggers correctly. The struggle comes in vs 2 decks, Reylo seems to have the consistency to stretch a game out to r5 a lot of times and Hero Droids with the disrupt opener is very hard to recover from. Hence me publishing this and not taking it to GQ.

Give it a shot however it is a lot of fun and has a huge skill ceiling and room for personalisation.

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