Plowoks North Olmsted OH Runner Up (6-0 Swiss)

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tomcats2 69

First off Recess did an awesome job hosting the event. Hopefully they get another prime next season :)

Round 1 (eYoda/eAhsoka) W 1-0: Yoda was a matchup I was looking at for Moving Rocks. Thought there might be a Yoda Admiral deck in their field, but that didn't happen. An unlucky roll by my opponent on Yoda round 1 resulted in an Easy Pickings of Yoda's dice which is difficult to come back from.

Round 2 (eJyn/eCassian) W 2-0: This was my closest match in swiss, and yes it was mill. Mill is not an auto loss to Plowoks by any means. If mill hits all your damage events it's gonna be tight, especially if they play bubble shields and you don't get your convergence. Came down to a scenario where I had 1 out, I saw it and he didn't hit what he needed. Very good deck.

Round 3 (Han Droids) W 3-0: Was good to see this deck isn't dead. Good player.

Lunch: Voucher to Cocky's across the street which was pretty legit. Good job Recess.

Round 4 (Reylo) W 4-0: I'd read my opponent's write up for this one. But this is the obvious match up you are looking at playing Moving Rocks in.

Round 5 (Reylo) W 5-0: Had to play my brother both at 4-0, which sucked. He knew how to beat the deck but rolled into an Easy Picking round 1 and that was pretty much it. He went on to lose to the eventual champion in the next round and then got 9th...

Round 6 (Han Droids) W 6-0: The mastermind of the Han droids deck that I played earlier from my understanding. Good dude, good player.

Top 8 (Reylo) W 2-0: Same Reylo I played in Round 4, again would read his write up

Top 4 (Han Droids) W 2-1: Same guy I played in Round 6. These games were all super tight and felt pressure the entire game. I really liked how he played his deck into me. Well done sir.

Finals (Chopper Droids) L 1-2: Guy who beat my brother in Round 6 and had just beaten our other local player on Plowoks. Our Plowok decks weren't the same 30, so thought this could get interesting. Again all very close games. Came down to wire like the finals should. Well played by my opponent.


tropoFarmer 788

Do you have a link to that write up? Thanks!

tomcats2 69

@tropoFarmer Edited

tropoFarmer 788


akrafty 1

Saw this deck preform in the top cut, was legit! Great job getting it to the top bro, mad respect

tomcats2 69

@akrafty thanks man. Really appreciate it.

TheUglyBug 7

Just be glad you didn't have to face K-Dogg and Captain Phantastic! Hahaha... In all seriousness, great job and it was great seeing one of our own make it to the finals.

Capricorn06 185

I would love to know how do u play against Reylo. U have 1 copy of moving rocks and it still costs 3 resources. What is ur gameplan for the game and what cards are clutch. GL of ur way to the final btw

tomcats2 69

@Capricorn06 My plan into reylo is to take the shields off them round 1 with Plo's activation, if they give it to me. Usually they will pick your BF and put 2 shields on Kylo. This means that when you activate Plo, they will usually do 2 indirect to Rey so you can still use Kylo's PA. I will still do the direct to Kylo to leave him at 1 shield, unless I pulled target acquired in which case I put it into Rey. The Reylo player will then usually PA the remaining shield from Kylo to Rey to ping you for 1. Then you activate Hoth to take the shield off Rey. The whole game plan is to make Reylo work for shields. But sometimes they still pop off, in which case Moving Rocks is your go to play. Respite and truce mean you can play it on any given turn and when you get to the point where that's your only out you can save a resource going into the next round. Hopefully that gives some insight into the match up.