Rey & Kylo (2019 Brazilian GC Top 8)

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clauberalex 27

Played this deck to 2019 Brazil Grand Championship without many expectations (as I didn't have a ticket until about two days before and had a booked flight back home scheduled to the end of day 1), but things turned out to come in my favor.

Round 1, ePadme/eBiggs/AR (WIN): A somewhat easy game as its pilot was kinda new to the game (being playing for about 4 months), thos direct dice were easly controlled, indirect doesn't hurt us too much and Padme just couldn't handle all our damage.

Round 2, eChopper/R2/3PO/FC (WIN): I consider this a good match-up for me as I rarely have lost to this line-up. Even though it had a great pilot in the form of Sérgio Muniz, killing R2 early and the lack of mods to go on Chopper made this game end quite fast.

Round 3, e4LOM/Grievous/Sentinel (LOSS): When you see a Vader's Fist from across the table turn 1, thing can't go well. Reylo simply don't have cards to handle this support: Hidden Motive is unreliable and Forsaken only affects one die side. It's just to much damage we can't handle.

Round 4: Aphra/Phasma/Sentinel/GD (WIN): After deciding to change my flight and stay for the rest of the champ, I sit down to unfortunately face a dear friend, Ian Nogueira (from SWDBR). This should have been a bad match-up for me, but a lack of supports for him turn one meant things were bad for him from the start.

Round 5, eChopper/R2/3PO/FC (WIN): Yet another good friend, Fernando Novaes (also from SWDBR). We've faced each other many times before with these same line-ups, so we knew what to expect. With many mods on Chopper, I went for it after baiting him to drop a Riot and some shields on R2. With no redeploys, R2 and 3PO were easy to deal with later.

Round 6: eAphra/Sentinel/Grievous (WIN): I've got to face Guilherme D'Antona for the first of many times this day, hahahaha. Both uf us had a good start, but I ended up being able to spike Aphra too early, the engine of the deck, so (without key cards on table) he just couldn't make the deck work properly.

Round 7: Aphra/Phasma/Sentinel/GD (WIN): Can't say much about this match with Fernand Caprino. He just wasn't in the mood, hahahahaha.

TOP 16: Reylo (2-0): The prospect of facing the then-current Brazillian National Champion and an experienced Reylo player made me worry a lot, hahaha. But in the first game I opened with Galactic Deception, playing it right after he rolled two on Rey. That turn just made things go south for him very fast. In the second game I was able to equip my characters really well, and after our Kylos died, my Rey was a much bigger threat.

TOP 8: eAphra/Sentinel/Grievous (1-2): Rematchs for round 6. In the first game I was able to put a lot of preassure with many dice on the pool and was able to survive for quite a while. Second game was pretty close (with a lot of luck on my side), but I lost mainly due to not claiming in the end, Scorched Earth was my doom and not activating first to put preassure to kill Grievous was essential. In the third game I just didn't have any chance (and I also made some mistakes there as well).

This top 8 round can be seen here:

All in all, it was just great to participate in this championship, meet so many nice people and ending up going much better then I have ever expected! =D

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