Reylo Top 4 - Brazil GC 2019

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Reylo - Top 32 at Worlds 2019 18 13 9 1.0
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Reylo Top 2 - Campeonato com 26 players 0 0 0 1.0
Reylo - Semanal Dicebox 06/01/20 1 1 0 1.0

andretoseto 101

It was an amazing Grand Championship that took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Important notes:

Why only one Niman Mastery? I Just have one Niman Mastery.

Untamed Power it is amazing in this deck, its kind of a Soresu Mastery that cost 2. On a mirror match, should be on Kylo to remove your opponents specials. Deflecting Slash is great when you have Soresu and want to remove that famous Vader's Fist die.

1 - Aphra/Phasma/SM/GD - Win

2 - Palp/Watto - Win

3 - Chopper droids - Win

4 - Snoke/Mando/Mudtrooper - Win

5 - Aphra/Phasma/SM/GD - Loss

6 - Reylo - Win

7 - Maul/Mando- Win

Top 16 Chopper Droids - Win

Top 8 4-Lom/Grievous/SM - Win

Top 4 4-Lom/Grievous/SM - Loss (Congrats to Andre Belote who end 1st place at Brazilian GC)


FeCaprino 112

I had the pleasure of being the only person able to beat Andre on day 1, thanks to a godsend Probe that removed his Deflecting Slash and opened the door for my Vader's Fist to go to work. I finished with 1 card in hand, amazed at the crazy intense game we had.

Andre's consistency is absolutely off the charts, as he's now made top 4 in both our National Championships. His list is awesome and his efficient, cool and efficient play makes him one of the best players I've seen play this game.

Congrats on another AMAZING run!!

elbaiano 29

Congrats, André! Great run!

andretoseto 101

@FeCaprino` Thank you so much. It mean a lot to me coming from what I considerer the reference of destiny in Brazil.

andretoseto 101

@elbaiano Thanks man. Also, thank you very much what you guys do for the community of Destiny in Brazil. I dont wanna think what this game would be without you guys

peresr1 17

Parabéns pelo deck e pelo desempenho Toseto. Nossa mirror match foi um passeio para você. hehehe! Fiquei surpreso com algumas das cartas que vi aqui e não apareceram na nossa partida. Novamente, parabéns! Foi um prazer jogar com você e te conhecer. Nos vemos por aí mo quiridu. Abraço.

andretoseto 101

@peresr1 Obrigado Quiridu Nerd! Foi um prazer jogar com você também. Sim, verdade, deflecting slach não funciona no mirror. Eu busquei na primeira mão o poder indomito, mas não veio (colocaria no Kylo, para remover seus dados de especiais). Outra carta boa no mirror é o No Mercy, que eu consegui jogar. Enfim, foi um ótimo jogo, você jogou sem erros, tive sorte de crescer mais antes de vc. Abraço

jaime_sinclair 10

I wish you would remove Palp's dice instead of Watto's next time. You know, I was there to play, but you just wouldn't let me. Congrats on the great result, it was well deserved.

andretoseto 101

@jaime_sinclair I had to do all the possible to try stop a great player as you are. Great game. Next time I want to play against one of your Jabba deck! Thanks man

Zelten 1

What would you cut for another niman mastery?

andretoseto 101

Hi, @Zelten Its a good question. Probably I would cut Loth-Wolf Bond