LVO Kallus Snoke Hate (Top 8 Day 1 drop) - Artificery's Elra

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Milton Keynes UK Prime Winner Hot Kallus Ugly Wasps 15 11 4 1.0

elrathion 698

This is the deck list I ran at LVO (except I forgot my salt flats and so ran theed, and so when I noticed I contacted the judge and dropped).

Note: You'll play with 6 Order 66's in this deck, but SWDestinyDB only allows you 2 to post the list.

This deck is a lot of fun to play for you, and a terror for your opponent. I built this as a meta call because I saw a lot of players gravitating towards one of three decks:

a) Mill b) Palp c) Reylo

This deck, when piloted correctly, has a very strong advantage against all three decks.

  • Against Palp you can prevent any ramp, kill Watto before he can do anything and pretty much lock them out of healing with a well timed counterintelligence.

  • Against Reylo, you can stop their damage or shielding engine, and end with a bunch of hate cards while also using well timed intimidates.

  • Against mill, they are faced with a deck that has 4 more cards. You typically just laugh at Yoda Leia lists, as you can wreck their dice and deal 2 damage with order 66, and have a pretty good matchup vs Bail and similar.

The deck does have a very rough time against Ewoks, and that was the one game where I didn't stand a chance at LVO. (lost to the top 4 Plo Woks player)

I lost by 3 damage after two riot shields and field medics vs the top 8 droid player. The droid match up is not an easy one vs super skilled pilots, but even when they get your Kallus you still have a ton of game. Snoke alone took down C3PO from full hp and got Chopper after many heals and shields 3 away from dying.

I know this meta is drawing to a close, but I had many PM's about the deck, and so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I felt it could have gone very far had I not forgotten my salt flats, but we will never know ;)

What we do know is that Zhil in the UK picked it up and won a Prime, props to him for being so kind to me and giving credit, and for all the support I received from everyone after dropping.

Feel free to PM me with any questions!


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RebelTraitor 259

How often did you play megablaters? The economy seems a bit lacking with all the burn cards and 66s in there