Winner Toulouse Prime - Yoda and the scoundrels

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Manu Ndo 31

"Yoda and the scoundrels" is the deck I have piloted to win my very first Prime tournament in Toulouse, France (19 players).

I have been trying different versions of Entourage deck until I found this one that seems solid enough to bring in a Prime tournament.


First, I wanted to have at least 2 scoundrels characters to be able to have an entourage special putting pressure as soon as it lands on the table. I decided to go for Han Solo - Old Swindler, I like his cost/health ratio, not only Han Solo's Blaster is good, his Power Action can help to create sneaky situations and I like his : 2 resource sides that can be turned into a 2 side when needed is sweet.

Enfys Nest's Marauder, again, a good cost/health ratio. I like to be able to bring a surprise to the game thanks to the ability to add a villain card into my deck. The while resolving a side showing a cost is cool, I always like extra damage. And a resource side that can give you 2 when playing Rendezvous is sweet.

Now we need balance, stability, focus and the blue color to add free removals. That’s when Yoda - Wizened Master is joining the party. No need to explain what he does and brings.

How it works:

Try to make as much money as possible to play Entourage. It’s that’s simple.

Well, of course the odd to have an Entourage turn one every games is not high enough to consider this a consistent strategy. So we need strong/efficient weapon that can do the job when my Entourage doesn’t want to show up: Mr. Bones, Han Solo's Blaster, Chewbacca's Blaster Rifle and the Pulse Cannon can all do the job. So that’s why I’m playing it! Don’t forget we have focus thanks to Yoda!

A lot of removal, I know, a lot… That’s just how I like to play!


Don’t forget the additional action of the Theed Royal Palace - Naboo by spotting our neutral character.

No more money? An unexpected Rendezvous on the Enfys Nest's Marauder , Hired Muscle or Han Solo's Blaster can by spicy!

What about that Impulsive on Yoda's 2 to get two from our Entourage ?

Han Solo - Old Swindler's PA, it's a great back up plan to turn a 2 side of an entourage to a juicy Yummy!

I play Dismantle in case of a Separatist Embargo on Entourage. Upper Hand is great against Reylo. Scruffy Looking Nerf-Herder to avoid Desperate Measures.

Definitely one of my favorite deck I got to play with since I’m in the game, and maybe that’s why it worked for me, fun first right?

Thanks for reading and if you have any question, feel free to ask!


Papiboki 3

Great deck ! Hard to counter when it comes in the right way Especially when you have 2 entourage, 2 fickle and 2 hired muscle on turn 2 and you start rolling 8 damages with only one special of entourage...

Telcontar 14

This looks like a lot of fun! I have played a similar deck: elite Yoda + 2 Enfys Nest Marauders + the Scoundrel package, but I think switching in Old Swindler Han for one of the Marauders is a good change. I want to try this now! Congratulations on your Prime win!

Echo7 322

Nicely played, great deck. Was it you that took the runner up spot at Angers too?

Do you happen to know the Top4 (I assume it was just Top4, not Top8) for this Prime? I'm recording all the results on my blog for the world to see ( and to analyse the results. Thank you

Manu Ndo 31


Manu Ndo 31

@Papiboki Thanks! Is it me or the situation you describe sounds like something you have experienced yourself?!.. ;)

Manu Ndo 31

@Telcontar A lot of fun indeed! Yes Han adds some extra tricks and makes the compo exactly 30 points :) Thanks to you, and hope you’ll enjoy trying this deck!

@Echo7 Thanks! Yes I indeed lost in final with the same list 2 weeks after in Angers (18 players). Toulouse's TOP4 was Reylo vs Reylo and Ploo Koon Ewoks vs Yoda Scoundrels. I just checked your website, great job! Thanks for doing this!

Echo7 322

@Manu Ndo thanks for the details. And thank you for passing on the website to other people (I assume it was you or someone here). I just had the Lyon results submitted too. Both your victory and the Lyon results are now on the website. Cheers.

Also, I should say that I love that you won with this deck. I was playing around with Yoda and Marauders since convergence dropped, but could never make it consistent enough. Glad you managed (and with a victory and a runner up spot - so clearly not a fluke). Good choice with the villain card. When I was running double marauder I used to play Vader's Fist x2 (or sometimes 1 of them, and 1 Force Storm, which is fun on Yoda).

Echo7 322

@Manu Ndo, would you be willing to do a write-up for echobase? We're new, but hoping to grow, and this is just the kind of deck we want to be writing about: off-meta, fun, but still powerful. If you were keen, you could send something over as a google doc and I'll pop it on the blog. Or I could just copy your write up from here (and credit you of course), if you were keen?

Manu Ndo 31

@Echo7 You are welcome! My teamate @Papiboki indeed submitted Lyon's results.Thanks for the update! And a big thanks for your feedback, that feels great to believe in a play style / deck that is off-meta but still being able to win with it! So It’s always a pleasure to talk about it and I’ll be happy to write something more detailed for echobase. Just tell me were to send it to you!

pupitbackster 1

If you dismantle a Seperatist Embargo, you still CANNOT play the card that was called when your opponenent plays Seperatist Embargo. The card is after, not while this support is in play!

Papiboki 3

@pupitbacksterThat's not true. If you check the rules, cards in a player's discard pile are considered out of play and their abilities can't be used until they are played or returned to play. Moreover, if a cards leaves play and re-enters play, it's considered a new instance of the card and there is no memory of having used its abilities. So when Separatist embargo is discarded, it loses its ability. Then for example if you play your second copy of it, you can use its ability again to name a card but it will not be cumulative with the effect of the first embargo (that was dismantled)

Echo7 322

@Manu Ndo please send to/share with, thank you.

@Papiboki thanks for uploading the Lyon results

@pupitbackster, I agree with @Papiboki - when you dismantle a Separatist Embargo it no longer has any affect on the game.

pupitbackster 1

@Papiboki where is it mentioned in the RRG?

Papiboki 3

@pupitbackster I've found it page 10 in the section "in play" And "out of play"

thE_MAndAlORiAn 70

nice deck, although I prefer more upgrades...

Papiboki 3

@thE_MAndAlORiAn You mean ... like in this deck ? Or this deck ?

blogster 1006

Where are the 2 Reap cards? for entourage instant $? or am I missing something?

Manu Ndo 31

@blogster I unfortunately haven’t been able to get any Reap despite of the hundreds CM boosters opened :( crazy right?

n0stra 8

@Manu Ndo Great deck, man.. I was unable to beat it with my Reylo (and... I think I cannot, or I haven't found how). Had only one success against it with my Vader/Greedo, thanks to DM.. :)

Manu Ndo 31

Thanks @n0stra! DM can be a pain in the neck early in the game! Looking forward to play with you again!