Top Guns

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Derived from
Hero :: rPoe + Hired 2x 0 0 0 1.0
Inspiration for
Top Guns (aka the Hyperloop) 115 87 47 3.0
Poe Guns 0 0 0 1.0

tropoFarmer 767


  • Mulligan until you see Millennium Falcon, and if you draw into it initially, mulligan until you see Hyperspace Jump.
  • Hopefully you roll your battlefield, but if not, worry not!

Turn 1

  • Roll out a Hired Gun. Your goal is to get 1 resource this turn, if you're playing your battlefield.
  • Play cautiously, resolve 1 resource.
  • Roll out Poe, claim, turn to special, and resolve the Millennium Falcon's 2 resource side. This puts you to 5 resources. Now you can play the Millennium Falcon on turn 1, putting you in a great position.



  • This is a seriously annoying deck to play against. Please apologize profusely at the start of the game.
  • Hyperlooping works well for building up the resources needed to deploy Launch Bay or multiple Second Chance. If that happens, you're golden.
  • The combination of round lockdown, Poe discard specials, and Hired Gun's strong ranged damage throughput should deal the deal.

shoeshine 14

I can attest, this deck is really, really, really annoying. And funny!

Deep83 1

Your deck seems to be great. However can you tel me what is the use of the launch bay since your aim is to win with the falcon? Ty

KovuTalli 1

I run something Similar and feel Play The Odds is almost an auto include for the hired guns as they often do not roll what you need or get their dice disrupted in some way it's also nice resource generation.

Also rang second chance in my deck and most of the games it is not needed as either win or lose to mill very rare do they do all 30 damage, I'd switch for the Play The odds as mentioned. - It can also give you rerolls on Falcon, cunning or Det if it ever makes it in to play.

tropoFarmer 767

@Deep83, Launch Bay (along with Millennium Falcon and Hired Gun) are the main mechanics for dealing damage. If you have out a Cunning or two then you free up the Millennium Falcon die itself for dealing damage, rather than being the die used for Hyperspace Jump.

@KovuTalli, good point about Play the Odds. I am going to try that!