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Book 1394

I desperately wanna play General Grievous - Jedi Hunter, but, alas, I ended up putting this together in the process. Both characters are mixed damage, sort of the inverse of the other. However, this makes for some great quick synergies with the bevy of new upgrades. Ascension Gun is better than it looks, but it has more reliable damage than a lot of the remaining weapons.

We all know what Jango does, and the writing is on the wall for FN-2199 - Loyal Trooper. I put in a bunch of efficient in expensive damage with as few modified sides as possible. We have 6 total ambush weapons, which is just nasty with these two. Play, replace, and abuse with FN. Or pants up Fett for a free activation. The Jetpack is obv intended for Fett--not a hot one when deployed on FN.

Finishing damage from Backup Muscle. Bait and Switch is certainly good with Fett, as well as other cards in the deck. Tactical Mastery for sneaking in kill damage.

We have a number of control cards in Doubt, Electroshock, He Doesn't Like You, and the somewhat questionable Unpredictable--this may be better as One-Quarter Portion, though having resources to chain weapons is important if you don't wanna always overwrite. Another option is Cheat, though I am not sure for which cards.

Lastly, we have Armor Plating for some extra HP. Hunker Down is too slow and this deck can claim and Dug in isn't so great now with Vibroknife in the meta. Our battlefield allows us to get back weapons to keep abusing FN where possible--and Plating!


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