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Foz 999

A take on the Unkar choke support deck archetype, derived primarily from Palabrewtis' Bountiful Denial deck. See that build for a fairly comprehensive idea of how to play and why card choices are here, as well as great discussion on cards, build directions, and strategy.

Many thanks to Palabrewtis for the idea and helping me hone in on what I wanted this deck to become.


I have swapped out the various vehicles in favor of Jetpack and Training. Training on the Death Trooper gives a more solid die than nearly any 2-cost gun right now, and no pay sides to boot. Jetpack is fairly self-explanatory; it has high value modified range damage, and useful other sides as well. Both new additions also bring more 1 sides that will help trigger Imperial Inspection once Unkar Plutt - Junk Dealer is inevitably dead.

This list also omits My Kind of Scum which felt largely redundant, replaced by Disarm which helps with Sith Holocron or anything Inspection misses. I also swap out 1 Electroshock (dangerous since it relies on Unkar who likely dies first) for 1 Bait and Switch which is situational, but often makes big plays.


The basic idea is to land as many disruptive supports as you can, and use them to strip your opponent of resources and undo any upgrades he plays. Fast Hands on Unkar is great for this, as it often lets you resolve Disrupt before your opponent even gets an action for the round. Ideally you want Imperial Inspection and Local Garrison by the end of the first round, so you can bounce anything your opponent has already played and cap him to 1 resource per turn. Unkar's ability should be used opportunistically, and sees the most use in the first few turns when you need piles of resources to get set up. Confiscation is here to deal with anything larger your opponent might play, and is usually the only real out if your opponent resolves a Holocron special for instance. You should be able to fight off enough of opponents' dice to keep Unkar alive for 3-4 turns, during which time it's best to get whatever upgrades you can afford setup on the troopers. As Unkar piles up damage and eventually dies, you transition to focusing on killing opposing characters. Opponent should be in a very poor position to fight effectively, and opposing characters should go down quickly due to the upgrades troopers will have. You can chip away at characters earlier in the game if the situation calls for it, but be mindful that any die could also be used for Unkar's power to try to get resources. Don't hesitate to use the dice for that if you need resources to control the game effectively.

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